In men's fashion there are a number of 2011 style tips that are helpful across the board, a man will need to take into consideration his build, complexion and ethnicity when deciding which of these fashion tips to apply. It is very important to realize that what looks good on one man will not necessarily look good on another. A man should understand this and play to his strengths, that is, show off the parts of his body that look good while being discreet about unflattering aspects of his body. It is also important that the clothes worn, and the way they are worn, are suitable for the occasion.

A Few Helpful 2011 Style Tips For Men

It seems in some ways that fashion designers are introducing men's styles that have previously been considered feminine. Floral shirts and shorts for men are now trendy this year. A man looking for good clothes to wear in the summer may want to consider either a paisley shirt or a bold floral shirt with matching shorts. Sheer shirts are another surprising fashion entry for this year. While most men would think of sheer clothing as being an option solely for women, a man with a good or at least fairly good body can actually look quite attractive wearing a sheer shirt. A sheer shirt can be worn on its own or with a tank top underneath. Black and white crop tees for men are also just starting to become in style this year, but should only be worn by men with good abs to show off.

Not all men's fashion trends for 2011 are feminine in nature. There are some clothing designs that are definitely manly. Blazers are in style this year; these clothing items are ideal for both formal and casual events. Some of the blazer colors that are particularly fashionable are gray, green and blue. A man wearing a blazer should ensure the blazer chosen matches well with the pants that are to be worn and that it is a color that looks good on him.

Other jackets that are in style for 2011 are leather jackets; leather bomber jackets are particularly fashionable this year. Those looking for something warm to wear for a casual event should pick a leather bomber style jacket. These jackets can be worn either zipped or unzipped; the unzipped look is considered particularly hip. Leather bomber jackets can also be quite practical, as they come with quite a few pockets for a cell phone, wallet and other accessories. Those looking for a stylish, well-made leather jacket will likely find that Andre Marc leather jackets are some of the best options available on the market.

Plaid flannel shirts are also in style and it is not hard to see why. These shirts are not only warm and durable but also quite attractive, particularly when a man is wearing such a shirt with either a black jean jacket or a denim jacket. Plaid flannel shirts come in many different colors, so a man who wants to purchase a plaid flannel shirt will find that he has numerous options to choose from.

Paying attention to men's fashion trends this year will ensure that a man is always dressed his best no matter what the occasion is. These 2011 style tips should be used in conjunction with timeless dress principles, such as matching clothing items properly, ensuring the clothes being worn fit properly and making sure the clothes worn flatter the physique.