Consistency and bulk output in 2011 will help to propel my earnings skywards and hopefully reached the $1000 per month club on Info Barrel. As long as I continue to add multiple articles each and every day to my Info Barrel account I will continue to get closer to my goal.

I should have 1000 articles posted on Info Barrel by the middle of March. If I can consistently add 3 to 10 new articles everyday to Info Barrel, then I will be able to rapidly increase my folio. More cherry articles will continue to pop up. Cherry articles, are those articles that consistently earn money each and every month.

The highest earning categories for my articles tend to be related to Las Vegas, log cabins, and Info Barrel related articles. I will continue to write articles on a wide variety of topics, however I will also continue to write numerous articles relating to topics that have proven themselves to be consistent earnings for me.

Not all of my Las Vegas articles earn money, however the ones that do earn money earn enough in more than make up for the Las Vegas articles that earn little to none each month. I have found it easier to pull out cherry articles from certain niches such as Las Vegas, as opposed to randomly selecting topics.

By the end of 2011 I will have upwards of 2000 articles published on this writing platform. This will pull me in a minimum of $500 per month in passive income. By concentrating on certain niches that have proven themselves to me I expect 2000 articles will earn me much more than $500 per month. I would really like to earn at least $1000 per month with Info Barrel and as long as I continue to add 3 to 10 articles per day during 2011 I will eventually hit this goal.

During 2011 I'd need to remain consistent and always writing new content for Info Barrel. As long as I continually add new content, my page views and thus my earnings will continue to rise. I added a lot of new content this month and I expect it to really pay off in three months as the articles age.

When the Google Page Rank is finally updated I expect to have multiple articles with at least 8 PR1 or higher. I was very happy with the last PR update, and am thoroughly looking forward to the next PR update. I have one article that is currently a PR 2 article and interested if my earnings will increase with that article if it achieves the PR 2 ranking.

I am also a thoroughly looking forward to Info Barrel 2.0. I hope the new version of Info Barrel well encourage writers who are no longer writing new content, to once again return and write new content for Info Barrel.

And the one thing I can assure you of for 2011 is that I will continually add new content to Info Barrel. By simply adding north of new content on a consistent basis you'll see my earnings continually creeping up to the magical $1000 per month club.