Let's take a look at some of the major movie line-up for this year and don't forget that all these are anticipated block buster movies considering the huge budget on their production. And yes I am talking about movies like; Thor, Green lantern, X-men; first class, Captain America, and a host of other like minded super hero movies and series. All these points to one thing; these year is loaded with lots of comic book super hero big screen debut/reboot.Captain AmericaCredit: yahoo

Growing up as a child I had always loved reading comic books. I can't say I had any particular comic book super hero as my favourite, but I enjoy reading about the most porpular characters like Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Incredible Hulk, Iron man and that's just to say the least. I remember how I will sit in my room and day dream about becoming a super hero someday. Well, the truth is that dream never came to reality but that didn't change the fact that I still love super hero movies and comics. I still do right up to this very moment.

As a writer I have used my keen interest in super hero things to create my own super hero characters. But my interest has always been more focused on creating characters that relate to real human situations. Which is one thing I find very common with most super hero movies these days. If you have watched any of the movies of late you will agree with me that it has more human element to it than what we use to read in the comics of those days. Mavel super heroes(50638)Credit: Jeff Adams

Just when we think we have seen it all the big time entertainment companies like Warners Bros (in parnership with DC comics) and Colombia pictures (known to be in a joint venture with Mavel comics) are giving the super hero movie genre a whole new momentum.

There is serious talk about bringing a host of other characters back to life on the big screen come next year. Most of these characters are already showing up in other media platforms such as comic books, digital and still pictures and even giving a brief appearance (cameo) in other character movies in anticipation of their big screen debut.

With the impressive performance of the most recent release on Box Office like Thor, the New X-men we can be sure more releases are headed in thesame direction this year.