Introduced in 2008, the Chevy Tahoe Hybrid is the only full size hybrid SUV on the market. At a significantly bigger price than non-hybrid equivalents, the Chevy Tahoe Hybrid makes up for it in energy efficiency and gas savings, without sacrificing power. It’s a large family size SUV that can also carry all your gear and tow up to 6200 pounds on the 2W model, making it worth considering if you want the power, but want to drive a green vehicle.

The Tahoe benefits from GM most advanced two-mode hybrid system, allowing the 2WD model to deliver an estimated mileage of 20 mpg on city. This is easily comparable to many smaller cars, and much better than a traditional gas guzzling non-hybrid SUV. On electricity alone, the Tahoe can drive up to 30mph using GM’s Electrically Variable Transmission (EVT) and 300-volt nickel-metal hydride Energy Storage System (ESS), which works alongside a standard 6.0L V-8 gasoline engine. It is designed to provide both city and highway fuel economy. The ESS is warranted for eight years or 100.000 miles. On average, the EPA suggests savings of about $550 per year at the gas pump.

This car has all the comforts you would expect on a high-end vehicle, including a 6.5-inch full-color VGA display for the hybrid train’s power flow. The only problem would be that, despite being a large vehicle, the third row seats are not big enough for an adult, and would only suit a small kid. The second row features a 60/40 split three-passenger bench and the third row is 50/50 split design and removable to increase storage. As a standard it comes with Leather-appointed and heated front seats, and a tri-zone automatic climate control, making for a comfortable driving experience for everybody even on long trips.

Something the 2012 Chevy Tahoe Hybrid doesn’t lack is storage, with plenty of compartments and a maximum of 109 cubic feet of maximum cargo capacity. It’s a great car if you need to carry lots of people and gear around, or for those in the construction industry that require the power of a SUV but still want to do their bit for the environment. All in all, a good car, though admittedly expensive.