The lucky winners of the 2012 Golden Globes already have been
documented by the people at Ernst & Young and broadcasted to the entire
world. But the winners of "The Artist" and "The Descendants" only tells
part of the equation. So who came out on top Sunday evening? Some
never got the chance to take the stage and thank every business partner
and their brother and some they have never met. Here's a overview of the
winners and the losers of the award ceremony.

For tv, Homeland won Best Drama Series. The Best Actor Award went to Kelsey Grammer in The Boss and in Comedy, Matt Leblanc won for Episodes. The charismatic Peter Dinklage won Best Supporting Actor, Series and Miniseries or Movie from the hit The Game of Thrones.

Winner: Ricky Gervais
Ricky made a victorious return to the Globes' stage after the earlier
year's heated controversy, winning Hollywood over other competition
while opening with a funny speech also.

Loser:"The Tourist"
2 years going, the show is viewed as a laughing stock. Even Johnny Depp,
seemed compelled to rescue this one from Gervais' verbal assault.

Winner: The dog from "The Artist" Not only did the tricks onstage make
the night most memorable, but him peeing backstage is more acceptable.

Winner: Madonna, She delivered the night's best slam on Gervais'
shoulders. Madonna looked fabulous that night.

Loser: Meryl Streep, even though Streep won Best Actress in drama, her
spectacles abandoned her in a needy situation, leaving the "Iron Lady" star
unable to give her speech while cursing the whole time.

Winner: Bryan Cranston, He might have lost to Kelsey Grammer for the
best actor in a television drama, but anyone watching boob tube in 2011
knows that Cranston's turn in "Breaking Bad" was his best performance of

Loser: Viola Davis, It's tough to judge the "Help" star a loser this season,
because of many wins she's already pocketed. Her loss to Meryl Streep
stands as the biggest snub of the Golden Globes. Maybe Davis can become
one of the winners of the Oscars.

Winner: Martin Henderson, Peter Dinklage's suggested during his speech to
Google Henderson's name brought much exposure to the plight of the little
man, he was deadly injured in a dwarf throwing accident.

Winner: Seth Rogen's Male Member, The actor stood next to Kate Beckinsale. His Member stood at attention. And the audience laughed and laughed and laughed. I personally think this was the most absurd part of the awards.