Is the 2012 Kia Optima Hybrid the perfect car?  Well, I was looking for just that, my perfect car.  Did I find it?  Well, you be the judge.  I was looking for at least 35mpg, preferably a hybrid, all the extras you find in a luxury vehicle and a car under a $30,000.00 price tag that didn't take premium gas.  I soon found that this was no easy task.  I was concerned about losing the Mercedes quality that I was used to, but like everyone else I had to downsize.

The number of available vehicles was astounding to me.  I suppose you never notice what is out there until you start doing the research.  Over the span of  about eight months I did my due diligence and read all the reviews, drove several cars, spoke with current owners and dealers to make sure I had discovered and researched all of my options. 

On paper the 2012 Kia Optima Hybrid appeared to have everything I wanted, and then some.  It had hybrid technology, 35-40 estimated mpg, leather seats and trim, an attractive outer body style, rearview camera for backing, heated and cooling seats, heated steering wheel, sporty rims, full sliding moon roof, satellite radio, homelink, keyless entry, etc. 

Some of the other vehicles I considered like the Toyota Prius C did not have the luxurious quality I was seeking.  Although the expected gas mileage would have exceeded that of the Optima, was it worth it?  In the end I decided it wasn't.  I needed the comfort on my daily commute. 

I have had my Kia for about 2 months now.  I drive about 50 miles a day on both side streets and highways.  I am averaging about 37-38 mpg, which is about what was expected.  On some days I get as high as 44 mpg.  I have currently driven about 1800 miles and have had no issues with the car.  The seats are very comfortable and the Infinity radio system is amazing.  The room for passengers exceeds expectations.  Many of the other vehicles I test drove did not meet expectations in this area.  Everyone that travels with me says how comfortable and smooth the ride is and how nice the stereo is.

The only downside to the car that I can see at present is that the front passenger seat is mostly stationary.  You can move it backwards and forwards, but it does not move in any other direction.  For short people like me, at 5'3, sitting so low takes a little getting used to.

Overall, I believe I did find the perfect car for me.  I do not miss my Mercedes at all! Is this the right car for you?  I don't know the answer to that, but I do hope my review has helped you, if even a little.