Maclaren strollers and buggies are known for their emphasis on the basics and the necessary features without all the bloat. The new Globetrotter stroller embodies this perfectly. It is a simple and elegant stroller which is really light and really durable. It is like a larger version of the Volo making it extremely attractive for those looking for a small umbrella stroller which will hold up well over time. But unlike the Volo this buggy is better equipped for kids of various sizes and has a couple nice features lacking in the Volo.

What Makes The Globetrotter Stroller Tick?

2012 Maclaren Globetrotter Stroller In BlackFor starters the flair of the Globetrotter stroller is its small stature and its robust frame. The stroller itself is made from a high quality, lightweight aluminum frame just like the 2012 Volo. Also like the Volo the Globetrotter meets global safety standards, meaning it goes above and beyond the safety standards of every country in the world.

For an umbrella stroller this is important because many moving parts in the fold can pinch and cause a safety hazard but this stroller addresses those issues with guards and smart design. Additionally the new Maclaren stroller has an enhanced design over the Volo in that it introduces a reclining seat back which the latter doesn’t have. This is great for children whom are smaller and can’t sit up on their own as well as for larger kids who need to be sitting further back to properly nap.

What else do I love about the Globetrotter? Its darned light.

Maclaren 2012 Volo Stroller In Black: The Lightest Umbrella Stroller You've Ever UsedThe globetrotter is not the absolute lightest stroller under the sun but it’s really close. For those who really want a super lightweight stroller then see the review of the Maclaren Volo as it takes the prize but coming up close behind it is the Globetrotter beating out even the G-Luxe by UPPABaby. The Globetrotter weighs in at only 10.6 pounds less than the G-Luxe which weighs 11.

Global Safety Standards Met – Tell Me More

As previously noted all of the 2012 Maclaren strollers have been redesigned to meet even the toughest safety standards in the world. No matter where you are you can rest assured that your country has stamped this stroller as safe. For more on this some other Maclaren Globetrotter stroller reviews go into more detail on just what safety standards need to be met to achieve these tougher global safety standards.

For many parents however safety is an afterthought, but in my opinion this is huge. As a parent myself I can’t imagine introducing any amount of unnecessary risk into my child’s life. I know how small his little fingers are and how much a hate seeing him hurt himself.

Umbrella strollers are notoriously difficult to minimize injury. They have many moving parts which are related to their folding mechanism. My hats off go to the designers of this stroller as it is as durable as any stroller out there and is as safe as they come.

Is It Worth Buying The Globetrotter Stroller When It Costs So Much?

The UPPABaby G-Luxe Stroller Weighs Only 11 LBSWithout a doubt the price of Macalaren Globetrotter is on the high end. For an umbrella style stroller with few features most people would naturally gravitate to the more moderately priced strollers like the Ignite by The First Years. There is a reason for the popularity of the Ignite. It is comparable in every way to the G-Luxe and the Globetrotter with the exception of price (much lower), durability (probably won’t last as long), and size (it’s notably heavier).

Having said that however parents who are considering the Globetrotter are likely looking for the quality build over all else. No other comparable stroller in the lower price range will offer the durability, lightweight design, and safety features of this stroller – for that reason alone this new Maclaren is worth paying a premium for.

Of course if you are like my family we have multiple strollers. We have an everyday use stroller but we also have a compact, light weight stroller. For us we are not looking for full features in a secondary travel stroller. For us we actually would rather buy the new Volo and save the difference - to each his own I suppose. For more on this decision a direct comparison between the Maclaren Volo and the Globetrotter is needed.

Alternatively you can also find some other good lightweight umbrella strollers for less without sacrificing too much in quality. Not long ago I wrote about some cheaper alternatives to the UPPABaby G-Luxe stroller and this would be a good starting point for anyone looking for a cheaper alternative to the Globetrotter as well.


The product page on Amazon covers many of the traditional specs and product dimensions of the Globetrotter stroller. It weighs very little and safely holds children up to 55 lbs which I think is pretty impressive for such a small stroller.

Green 2012 City Mini StrollerMy wife and I really like this new buggy but for us we are sticking with our Volo and our City Mini GT. In all honesty I think the Globetrotter would make a great stroller for some but for sue I think I would actually go for the 2012 Quest instead of the globetrotter as it is bigger and has more features. But then again I’m looking at it as a potential replacement for the GT rather than the Volo. It’s all down to personal preferences I believe.