In the land of baby strollers there are the full featured, full-sized strollers and then there are the smallest umbrella strollers which get the job done in as little space as possible. The new 2012 Volo stroller by Maclaren is the latter. Unlike the BOB Revolution SE or CE strollers this little umbrella stroller is designed for urban pavement riding only. It is also not meant for jogging. The Volo is a basic stroller that takes up very little space and weight next to nothing but is built with the highest of quality.

2012 Maclaren Volo Features

Maclaren 2012 Volo Stroller In Black: The Lightest Umbrella Stroller You've Ever UsedThe new Maclaren 2012 Volo: what makes this stroller so great, you ask? You certainly don’t buy the Volo for the features. It has very few. It does have a nice sized and easily accessible storage basket. It has a good parking brake. The sun shade hood gets the job done. These however are after thoughts. The real reason you would buy the new Volo is for the quality of the build – it is going to last for years and multiple children if you treat it right – and for the tiny footprint of the stroller.

The Volo stroller is consistently one of the lightest and smallest full size toddler umbrella strollers you can find anywhere. The Volo is designed for kids between six months and three year and up to 55 lbs. The amazing thing however is that the stroller itself only weighs around 8.5 lbs minus optional accessories. In comparison to the relatively lightweight City Mini GT this is almost nothing. It’s nearly 60 percent lighter than the GT.

As far as ultra-lightweight strollers go this is about as light as you will find without heading to the clearance section of Wal-Mart to pick up a cheap generic umbrella stroller from the discount rack. The difference of course will be very noticeable in price but in my opinion even more importantly the difference will be felt. 2012 Volo will feel sturdy and will feel like a stroller you can trust.

2012 Volo Safety Standards

Limited Edition Candy Bar Volo Stroller By MaclarenTrust is one thing we don’t take lightly when it comes to the safety of our children. Maclaren didn’t change much between the 2011 Volo and the 2012 Volo. There are a few new color options which are different between the years as well as a limited release of a candy bar (multi-colored) sun shade in 2012 but the biggest difference is in the nitty-gritty of the stroller specs – it now adheres to international safety standards whereas the 2011 Volo stroller didn’t. The new Volo is now child safety tested and certified anywhere in the world giving you even more peace of mind.

When you consider the safety of the cheapest options in umbrella strollers you have to wonder why any parent would settle for less… at least until you take a look at the price tag.

Why You Wouldn’t Want To Buy The Maclaren Volo

For a small, compact, umbrella stroller with few additional features the Volo commands a hefty price tag. The MSRP (list price) on the new Volo is around $130 compared to far cheaper throw-away umbrella strollers in the $10 range at big box stores or even the more substantial umbrella strollers by budget stroller maker The First Years. In comparison one of the most frequently purchased lightweight umbrellas strollers is The First Years Ignite Stroller which can be found on Amazon for far less than the Volo. The quality won’t be as high and it’s a tad bit heavier at 14 lbs but it’s much better than getting a ten dollar generic stroller from Wal-Mart or Babies-R-Us or paying more money than you are comfortable with.

This is the best quality ultra-light stroller on the market. Hands down it's worth the money. Just make sure you get a good parent console to make it a bit more comfortable for you to use on the go.
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