olympic parkCredit: wikipedia

This years Olympics has brought about an array of conspiracy theories.   London has been steadily preparing throughout the year in joint exercises between the Air Force and Navy, and many others, to beef up security in case of a terrorist attack or other threat. 

2012 Olympics LogoCredit: wikipediaIran threatened earlier in the year to boycott the Olympics claiming that the logo spells out the word 'Zion', and that it is racist.   Biblically speaking, Zion refers to the city of Jerusalem.   The International Olympic Committee responded by stating that the design was intended only to represent the numbers 2012

One conspiracy theory held by some is that the Olympics will set the stage for a false flag alien event.  During the Olympics, a fake alien invasion will supposedly take place, in order to unify the world and allow the New World Order to begin.  In the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, a space ship was used during the closing ceremonies.   Many believe this was a forewarning of what is yet to come.  Even though it was a staged event, the illusion appeared very real to many people.  Project blue beam and holographic displays are what most theorists believe will be used to help stage this event. 

Another popular theory stems from the Illuminati card game that was published in 1995 by Steve Jackson games.   Some say that the cards for told of future events such as 9/11 and the pentagon.  Other events shown in this game include an oil spill, UFOs, an epidemic, the center for disease control, nuclear accident, and many others.  Some conspiracy theorists believe that the multiple disaster card is in reference to this years Olympics.  This card shows people running, each in a different color shirt believed to represent the colors of the Olympic rings.  This card also shows what some believe is the Big Ben tower crashing to the ground.

Olympic mascotsCredit: wikipediaFor those who follow symbolism, the ceremony is full of Illuminati images.  The stadium lights look eerily similar to the pyramids.  The mascots this year resemble aliens with one eye,  and part of the staging resembles a druid altar.

The Rockefeller family has long been tied to conspiracy theories.  On the Rockefeller foundation website, a scenario is given showing 13,000 deaths due to a bombing during the London 2012 Olympics.  The foundation predicts that 2010-2020 will be known as the 'doom decade', due to the numerous events they have been anticipating.  Others claim that all of the theories about this years Olympics were created to merely side track people from some other major event that will take place unnoticed.   Some also believe that if a major disaster or catastrophe were to take place during this time that it would pave the way for people to be forced to receive a bio chip implant, under the guise of safety.

The Olympics is a major event involving people from all over the world, and would sadly be a likely targeted event due to terrorism.  We can only hope that security is tightened enough to ward off any such attack, and that the predictions from the conspiracy realm are wrong.