Welcome to my preview of the 2013 Bowl Championship Series. I know many of you will have selected Alabama as repeat champs but I must disagree. Georgia looks like the better choice to me as is clearly stated in the predictions below. Read on and see what you think!


  • #1 vs. #2:  Georgia over Stanford. Georgia arguably was a better team than Alabama a year ago and the Bulldogs are going to prove it this year by earning their first national championship since 1980. Expect Stanford to have a say in this contest with its stingy defense and ability to keep games close through the fourth quarter of play. In the end, Georgia’s high-powered offense will tire Stanford’s defense just enough to win the title game on the last series as time is about to expire.
  • #3 vs. #4:  Ohio State over Oregon. Ohio State finished last year undefeated and could end this year in the same fashion. The schedule certainly favors the possibility with the team’s toughest games being separated from one another and not having to play consecutive road games all season long. Oregon is entering this season with a talented squad but most overcome the growing pains of a new head coach calling the shots.  This matchup has the potential to be a great game to watch but Ohio State has a clear coaching advantage and a slight edge in overall talent.
  • #5 vs. #6:  Oklahoma State over Notre Dame. Oklahoma State has a lot of offensive firepower and a new defensive coordinator entering the 2013 season. Despite losing a lot of seniors from a year ago this team still has enough talent to reach a BCS bowl game. Notre Dame, similar to Oklahoma State, lost a lot of talent to the 2013 NFL draft. The Irish will be solid on the defensive side of the ball all season but the offensive talent is younger than last year and mistakes could cost them a game or two as the season progresses. Expect Oklahoma State to edge Notre Dame in a defensive struggle.
  • #7 vs. #8:  Alabama over South Carolina. Many football fans around the nation believe Alabama will repeat as BCS champions. Despite the talent, both in coaches and players, this team will lose at least one game this season in a very tough division. The leadership of a senior quarterback and a legendary head coach will guarantee the Tide will roll itself to another BCS bowl this postseason. South Carolina employs the services of arguably the most talented defensive player in division one football. The offensive talent is good enough to win any contest that remains close late in the fourth quarter. However, Alabama’s offense will find a way to exhaust the South Carolina defense to win an interesting matchup for another BCS bowl victory.
  • #9 vs. #10:  Texas over Nebraska. Texas returns 19 starting players and hopes to return to prominence. Many writers have pegged Nebraska as a sleeper this season. I believe the Cornhuskers are solid on the offensive side of the ball but might struggle defensively due to the inconsistent play of many new players. I believe Texas will win this game with ease. Nebraska will become frustrated on the defensive side of the ball and costly mistakes will give Texas extra scoring opportunities against that young inexperienced defense.