The 2013 Harley is one of the cheapest you can buy. The brand new 2013 Davidson model lineup has a lot of different bikes and styles to choose from, but not of them will be as cheap as the uperLow.

Lowest Price on the 2013 Sportster SuperLow

The 2013 Sportster SuperLow has a retail cost of $8,099. Hey thanks for letting us save that extra $1.00. Somehow Harley thinks we have to be stupid because if the make the price $8,099 instead of $8,100 then we will think it is cheaper. It might actually be working though because in a way you do have to be stupid to buy it.

Why Not Buy The Sportster SuperLow?

The HD Sportster SuperLow is a solid bike and you will get a lot of miles out of it. The problem is the bike is just too small for most people. Even if the bike fits your physical size you will still find yourself limited on range because of the small fuel tanks. Yes you can always buy an oversized Sportster fuel tank and have it installed but then you will be looking at paying even more money for this bike. Large capacity fuel tanks for Sportsters are nice to have, but I only recommend it if you are buying an old Sportster and getting it for dirt cheap. The only other time I may recommend it is if you are a small guy or woman who loves their Sportster yet want to be able to go further without having to stop for gas all of the time. If you are buying this bike simply because it is a Harley Davidson and you think it will make you be cool then you need to immediately quit thinking like that. No one will be impressed that you bought a Harley Davidson Sportster SuperLow, especially other Harley Riders.

For the cost of a  you can buy a Honda, Yamaha, or Suzuki motorcycle that will give you a lot more bike for the money. You will get a bigger tank, bigger frame, and more power. The larger bikes will feel better to you and you will be able to ride a lot of extra miles with them as opposed to the Harley Davidson Sportster SuperLow where you need to stop every 3 blocks to fuel up again. Yes the Harley Davidson Sportster SuperLow gets great gas mileage and can be fast but the tank is so small you will need to be constantly filling up on large road trips. Hell, you will get so frustrated you probably will not even ride the Harley Davidson Sportster SuperLow put of town.

H-D Smart Security System

One thing I love about the 2013 Harley-Davidson motorcycles is that you can get the H-D Smart Security System. The H-D Smart Security System will cost you more money because it is an option and does not come standard with the Harley Davidson Sportster SuperLow but it is a great feature. It works like your car alarm does in that you can control the alarm with the key FOB. What is cool though is you do not have to push any buttons. The alarm automatically arms and disarms. When you get off the bike and walk off with your keys and the key fob the alarm will automatically turn on. When you return to your bike the alarm will automatically detect your key FOB and deactivate. A great security system that is truly a hands off alarm system and is hassle free to operate. Although no alarm system is perfect, the H-D Smart Security System is definitely a good investment.

But is the H.D. SuperLow Good for New Riders?

Many Harley-Davidson Salesmen will show you how the Davidson Sportster SuperLow is a great investment for new riders who are just learning. They will also talk about how great the resale value is for the motorcycles as oppose dot other brands. They will also talk up how “Cool” you will be when you ride a Harley instead of another brand of bike such as a Honda or Yamaha motorcycle. Tell these people to stuff it up a dead kestrel!

Yes it is a great bike for new people to learn on, but you will rapidly outgrow it. Within a few weeks of daily riding you will be ready (And needing) a larger bike. Instead of buying the Harley SuperLow you should either buy a larger Harley Davidson bike such as a Dyna Street Bob or a Heritage Softail Classic. Yes these bikes cost more but they are a much better value. If you truly want a great value in a motorcycle and are on a Sportster-sized budget then you should take a look at one of the many great motorcycles from Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki that cost about the same amount as the SuperLow yet provide you with a much better bike.

It is better to have the right bike to fit you and for your riding needs. Do not go into the bike buying process focused on only buying a Harley Davidson. You definitely should go into the dealerships and look at all of the brands including Harley, Honda, Yamaha, and even Suzuki.

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