The NBA Playoffs are nearly over and for teams now watching from home, it's time to prepare for next months draft. This year has some great young talent coming into the league, including several International stars. Several franchises are looking for a solid point guard to come in and run a team, but funding the right fit is often difficult.


Here is a preview of the best point guards available for the upcoming draft and what they can bring to whatever team picks them to begin their professional career.


Trey Burke from Michigan is widely considered the top prospect at his position this year. The 6' 190 pound floor leader helped lead the Wolverines to the NCAA Championship game in March and had an outstanding sophomore season with 18.6 points and 6.7 assists, but his leadership skills on and off the court is what has impressed scouts and General Managers the most and that could have the 20 year-old being one of the top five players drafted.


Lehigh senior C.J. McCollum was looking forward to a stellar last season of college basketball, but a season ending injury stopped him in his tracks after just twelve games, but his overall production during his four years in school have the 21 year-old as a likely first round selection. At 6'3” and 192 pounds, McCollum has the size to take his game to the next level and his 23.9 points per game has many experts predicting he could move to shooting guard if taken by the right team.


Michael Carter-Williams might be the most physically gifted point guard available for the 2013 NBA Draft, but scouts are split on where the former Syracuse star might land. The 21 year-old averaged nearly 12 points, 7.3 assists, and 2.8 steals per game, but his outside shooting needs work if he is to become a top notch floor leader at the next level. At 6'5”, Carter-Williams has the best size of all prospects this year and his fluid athleticism makes some feel he is a must have in the top 10, but wherever the young floor leader ends up, he will need to work hard on his shooting or risk being relegated to a bench player.


Dennis Schroeder from Germany is the top International point guard this year. At 6'2” and a wingspan of 6'7”, this 19 year-old has perhaps the most upside of any young guard in the draft. Schroeder has explosive speed in the open court with the ball and makes tough things look incredibly easy, but like Carter-Williams, he struggles with his shot, especially outside of 15 feet, but this youngster is solid on the defensive end of the court and distributes the ball very well for a player of his age and he will go in the first round, but the team that takes the young German will need some patience and allow his game to grow for a couple years coming off the bench and gaining the experience he will need to lead a team down the road.