Why Have an Emergency Essentials for a Survival Kit?

In these troubled times millions of Americans are putting together survival kits filled with various emergency essentials in order to  prepared in case of an emergency or natural disaster.  It is a fact that just a few years ago many people would laugh or make fun of someone who was considered a "Doomsday Preper."  Finally, people are starting to realize that no one can predict massive natural disturbances or terrorist strikes and if you aren't prepared you will be left in the dust, literally.


Top List of Items for Emergency Survival Kit

1. A Sharp Knife with many features 

The Gerber 31-000751 Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife

  • Built in Fire Striker
  • Built in Sharpener
  • Serrated and Normal Blade
  • An Emergency Whistle
  • Used by Bear Grylls on every show he does
  • 511 reviews on amazon with a 5 star rating

A Very Manly Knife

Gerber 31-000751 Bear Grylls Survival Series Ultimate Knife, Serrated Edge
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(price as of Sep 7, 2013)

2. Water and Purification Tablets

Water Pouches are essential to survival and are pretty self explanatory.  Without water the body can completely shut down within hours of severe dehydration setting in.

  • Pouches are compact and easily conceivable
  • Have a 5 year shelf life
  • Are relatively inexpensive 
  • Tablets can sterilize 2 liters of water

4. Emergency Survival Food

Food is a big deal and not something you should skimp on.  What I mean is, not all food is created equal.  The food you choose needs to provide calories but be nutritious and tasty at the same time.  If a choice is made without paying attention to the nutritional value your body will start to suffer in as little as a few days and you could even die.  One of the best choices is the Food Wise 60 serving entre only one month freeze-dried food supply.

  • 25 Year Shelf Life!!
  • 1 Month supply will keep you and your family going strong
  • Reviews indicate the food has good nutritional value and is quite tasty.

4. Flashlight with Extra Batteries

Coast HL5 LED Headlamp Flashlight is my preference when it comes to lighting.  It's fixed to your head and aims anywhere you look.  I use this headlamp for every task from fixing automobiles to searching for lost items in dark places.  It is extremely bright and uses 3-AAA batteries.  Also keep an extra pack (6) of AAA batteries in your survival kit.


5. First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit with bandages, sterilizing equipment, gauze wrapping, ace bandaging.  The usual stuff.

6. Emergency Space Blankets

The air tight foil reduces convection and heat loss caused by evaporation of perspiration.  In a hot space blankets could be used as shade.

7. Trash Bags

Trash Bags can have many uses and are an absolute must in any emergency situation.

  • Double as a Rain Pancho
  • Allow you to carry items if needed
  • Can be wrapped around a limb as a tourniquet
  • Can be used as to make a sling
  • To pick up trash so your post apocalypse world will be neat and tidy

8. Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper, nuff said.

9. Washing Powders

Washing Powders can be purchased in a travel size and can make a single pair of clothes useable for weeks at a time without smelling like big foot.  They dont take up much room and can provide much comfort in your time of need.