As 2013 comes to an end, if you’re anything like me, you’ll be starting on a fresh list of resolutions for 2014. Looking back at my 2013 resolutions however, it is amazing how little I’ve accomplished compared to what I set out to accomplish. This year, I’m resolving to be more realistic and more focused. I’m resolving to routinize more of my life to strengthen my decision making abilities towards choices that truly progress my life forward. 

If you want to join me in getting more done this year, let’s follow these rules: 

  • Identify three goals, one for each group: Health, Wealth, and Love
  • Make each goal measurable 
  • Make each goal less than 10 words
  • Print out your goals and tape it up
  • Break down your goals into 12 steps for each month

When you have too much to focus on, it’s easy to not focus on anything. That’s why we are narrowing it down to our most basic fundamental desires. By making our goals measurable, it’s easy to figure out at the end of the year whether we accomplished it or not. Instead of saying “I want to lose weight”, state that “I want to weigh 130 pounds or less”. At the end of the year, you either weigh less than 130 pounds or you don’t. 

Keep your goals short and to the point so it’s easy to remember, and print it out and post it somewhere in your home where you will see it daily. Let it be your motivation. Let it by your reminder. 

Most importantly, break down each goal into twelve steps— one for each month. If you wish, also break down each month’s step into 4 mini-steps to get an idea of what to accomplish on a weekly basis. This forces you to visualize how your goal will be achieved and how much work you’ll have to put in each month to accomplish the goal. Also, when you identify a plan for how to achieve it, you no longer have to worry about the “big picture” on a day-to-day basis. You have the peace of mind in knowing that if you accomplish what you identify for that specific week or month, you are on track to accomplish your overall goals. 


Here are my 2014 Resolutions: 

  1. Exercise 2.5 hrs weekly, or better
  2. Create 7 new & strong personal connections in Los Angeles, or better
  3. Earn $100,000 before tax, or better

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a recommendation of one of my favorite books. This book has inspired me a lot to be who I believe I can be and to accomplish what I set out to accomplish. It offers a mindset that empowers and motivates. I highly recommend this read if you’re looking for some pump-up material.