We have all been there. We have been looking forward to either a visit from relatives, or we have visited our family. The day has gone ever so well, but after a while it becomes a bit awkward. We have done the talking, asking about what has been going on in each other's lives. Then it becomes apparent that because you haven't seen each other for so long, there actually isn't that much to talk about. How much do you wish you had something prepared to keep the entertainment going? Well, if you have found this article before that fateful day, hopefully you will have something up your sleeve. If you are actually in the middle of a visit at the moment and you are madly googling for ideas in sheer panic, fear not! Here are my 10 ways to entertain the family.

  1. Have a selection of board games at the ready. Trivial Pursuits always tends to go down well. You can also find DVD quiz games that can be done as a family.

  2. Horse or Greyhound Racing. It might sound a little silly, but I have an online betting account set up exactly for this purpose. When there is horseracing on the TV, I place people's bets on my online account, and pay them back what they win. I am not making any money - I am purely acting as a go-between between the online betting site and my guests. I understand this one is a case of taste/preference though! This doesn't have to be costly - you can bet as little as you like - I always like to have a maximum bet of a two UK pounds.

  3. Hold a cake-frosting competition. All you need are some plain cakes, you can get your guests to decorate them and have a prize for the winner.

  4. Get out a pack of playing cards. Everyone has a set. Good emergency back-up!

  5. Go for a walk. If you live in a lovely place, why not give your guests a little tour? You don't have to stay indoors.

  6. Turn your lounge into a cinema. Instead of just watching a film, provide popcorn and ice cream.

  7. Take your guests out. If you are bored of staying in, visit a local point of interest.

  8. Wine-tasting. All it takes is two or three different bottles of wine and you being able to read the label! You can tell your guests that there is a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Rioja and a Merlot in the line-up and they have to tell which one is which. If you want the cheaper option, get your guests to bring a bottle each.

  9. Play Pictionary. You don't have to have the proper 'bought' set to do this. All you need is some paper and pens. Split your guests into two groups and give one of the players 30 seconds to draw an item you have given them the name of. If their team guesses correctly within the time they get a point. If you don't have any paper and pens you can play charades instead.

  10. Get one of your friends to act as waiter/waitress for the day. It'll be a talking point at least!

This is by no means an exhaustive list! I'm expecting some other fantastic ideas in the comments section please!