I just returned from a camping trip to beautiful Stanley Idaho. We stayed at the Sockeye campground and had a lot of fun but one of the things I did not take was my laptop. At the Redfish Lodge they offer WIFI as well as a few other local cafes. I regretted not taking my laptop. I hit a mental zone and my mind was churning with articles that I wanted to start pumping out for InfoBarrel.

Now that I am writing articles full time I want to spend some time each day writing articles for InfoBarrel. The upfront payment is what has allowed me to quit my 9-5 job but InfoBarrel and the residual income opportunity is what will help me to thrive.

Let's crunch some numbers. Let us say that I am averaging .20 cents per article each month. With my current folio of 330 articles I can expect to make about $66.00 each month. This number is pretty accurate as you can see by some of my monthly earnings reports. Some months I earn more per article but on average we can fairly say I earn about .20 cents for each article.

20 cents for each article I publish on InfoBarrel is not a lot but you need to keep in mind that article will earn about 20 cents every month for as long as it is on InfoBarrel.

It takes about 500 of my NON-SEO articles to earn about $100 each month with InfoBarrel. If I can simply average, in addition to my upfront payment writing, 15 articles each day for a few months then I can easily boost my Adsense income from InfoBarrel.

Writing 15 articles per day for InfoBarrel would come out to 450 articles a month if it was a 30 day month. This would boost my monthly earnings by an additional $90 each month. If I kept this level of writing up for the remaining 4 months of this year then I would have about 2,130 articles published on InfoBarrel. This would earn me about $426.00 each and every month with no additional work on my part.

These figures are extremely low compared to what they may be. When I publish a handful of articles at one time as opposed to one a day I see my average CPM jump high once the initial Google Index begins to show the new articles on the Search engine results. By writing a bunch of articles over the last few months of this year and adding an additional 1,000 or more articles then I am bound to get more Cherry Articles which will earn me on a per article average.

I am excited to see what my earnings will be when I finish this year out with InfoBarrel. I may not be able to publish in all likelihood an additional 1,800 articles but I will be able to reach my goal of having 1,500 articles published on InfoBarrel by the end of the year.

If every active member of InfoBarrel could simply stay productive enough until they reached 500 or more articles then our earnings as a group would be tremoundous.