20 Dollar Gifts - Ok so you have 20 dollars burning a hole in your pocket, and you are looking to get a nice gift for Christmas with it. But what do you get?

Here are 10 great ideas for 20 dollar gifts.

1. If you know your recipient well, specialty food gifts are nice.  Instead of a Basket (expensive) make your own...

Step 1 - Purchase a bowl, or colander or basket or tin, from the dollar store.

Step 2 - Then go to a nice grocery store and come up with a theme for your gift. If your friend likes Italian, then get spaghetti, nice sauce, garlic, garlic press, nice cheese, just watch your budget, especially for the cheese.

Step 3 - But if you look you can get little packages for a good price.

Step 4 - Put all this in the colander and wrap with a nice tea towel from the dollar store. They have an entire dinner ready to happen with some ingredients they may not have bought on their own.


Colombian Coffee Beans - Medium Roast with a Couple of Mugs from the Dollar Store

AmazonFresh Colombia Whole Bean Coffee, Medium Roast, 32 Ounce
Amazon Price: $15.49 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 16, 2018)

2. Coffee Beans and Dollar Store Mugs

If you recipient loves coffee, you could get a bag of coffee beans for 15 bucks online and then add a couple of dollar store mugs with a bar of chocolate for a nice gift. 

3. Amazon Gift Card to Rent Movies Online or Anything They Want

 Place in a dollar store plastic bowl with a single package of microwave popcorn and call it "movie night".


Amazon 20 bucks Gift Card

Paint By Number is a Classic

Dimensions Needlecrafts Paintworks Paint By Number, Lakeside Village
Amazon Price: $17.99 $15.61 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 16, 2018)

4. If your friend is creative or likes hobbies, get a craft kit.

 Shopping online at sites such as Amazon, is a great way to find different types of crafts.  It all depends on what you think they would like to try.  Below are a couple of craft kit ideas that might inspire you.  Both are under 20 dollars, include everything you need and would be fun. 

5. Purchase ebooks online

Step 1 - In a subject your friend would really like. Then copy off of your computer onto a CD.

Step 2 - Take the CD to the local print shop and have the ebook printed into a spiral bound book.

Step 3 - You can decorate the front cover yourself, or leave plain.

You can save costs, by having them print it double sided, and any picture or diagrams in the book can be black and white like the type set.

There are many ebooks online that you can get for 20 dollars or less. I found a great one for camping recipes for my son and his girlfriend who are avid campers. I got it for 4.99 then had each page covered in plastic, so they can use this book when they are camping. I had a picture I had found of them together on their last camping trip copied onto the front cover. They really liked this. It was a very personalized gift.

6. If you are handy in the kitchen

and love to make pickles, jams, baked goods etc. Why not get a nice container from the dollar store. You can get nice tins there and all kinds of containers to use as part of the gift. (This saves using cardboard boxes that will just get thrown away after, everyone can use a tin or a bowl) then fill your container with your bottles of pickles and cheeses, and crackers.. or go the sweet route with your jams, baked goods, scones etc. Try and have a theme to your goodies. Put like with like and watch their eyes light up.

7.  A Magazine Subscription

If you check them out online, at this time of year, you can usually get a very good deal.

Many are under 20 dollars. Most magazines will send a card to your recipient telling them of your gift, or a special email at Christmas.

But you can still print up your own homemade certificate with a picture of the magazine on it, and either place in a card or attach to something else. such as a mug and single package of hot chocolate, that they can warm up when they read their magazine.

They will think of you! Or attach your certificate to a snack food they like. This is a great way for your certificate not to get lost in the shuffle of Christmas wrappings.


Magazine Subscription

HGTV Magazine
Amazon Price: $39.90 $19.99 Buy Now
(price as of Sep 16, 2018)

8. A gift certificate for lunch at the local coffee shop.

You can get them in different denominations. They could use it every time they get coffee, or take you for a light lunch!

9. Find out if your local movie theatre has a "1/2 price night"

during the week. Many of our local theatres have a 1/2 price night on Tuesday nights. You could purchase 2 tickets to the movies for that discounted night for under 20 dollars. This way you can go too!

10. If you have some great photographs

of you and your friend or whoever you are getting the gift for. You can take them to your local print shop and have them made into a really nice personalized calendar.

This is under 20 dollars at my local print shop. Shop around, there are also some online sites that will print your pictures onto anything you want, such as totes, mugs, hats, t-shirts or a nice calendar.

You just have to upload your pictures to them from your computer. This way they get to see your gift every month, and smile at the picture.

So, this Christmas, if you are looking for 20 dollar gifts, then hopefully some of the ideas above have given you some inspiration.

Sometimes one idea will give you many other ideas, and then you go shopping! If 20 dollars is your budget, and you shop around, you can create nice gifts. I have found the dollar store to be a great place to get the containers to put your gifts in.

This way the container is also part of the theme and is a useable gift, instead of spending it on boxes and gift wrap.

You can usually find nice tea towels and other ideas, at the dollar store to use for wrapping your gifts. I would rather have a tea towel on my gift, than have to throw away wrapping paper, that may have cost more.

Go shopping and Happy Holidays!