Despite dogs being called, “man’s best friend”, there are more cats living in homes in the U.S than dogs. The common house cat can be seen in 33% of all homes in the United States. While house cats are quite prominent, it is surprising how little most cat owners know about them.

Following Are Some Facts of Your Kitty Cat
1. Cats don’t have a collar-bone. Because cats do not have a collar-bone, they can fit into anything that their head can fit into. Such as a cookie jar, or a pipe.


2. Cats have 290 bones and 517 separate muscles. This is the reason that they can twitch their ears and move them like a satellite.

3. A sacredy cat can run up to 30 mph, but the fastest human can only run 28 mph. Keep this in mind next time someone tries chasing your cat.

Run Kitty Run

4. House Cats spend about 70% of their day sleeping, and 15% of their time grooming. That means that if they live to be twenty, they will have spent only 1 year of their lives playing.
5. Cats Are One Of The Oldest Mammals On Earth. African Wild cats are some of the earliest cats to be found by scientist in fossils.
6. The Average life span of a cat is 12 years old.
7. Contrary to many cat owners beliefs, purring does not necessarily mean the cat is happy. Cats purr to show strong feelings of emotion, whether it is pain, or love.

Hello There

8. A pair of cats along with their offspring can produce 720,000 in just 12 years. Make sure to keep your cats off the street.
9. All cats can see 6 times better than humans when it’s dark out. They only need 1/6 of the light we need!
10. Cats, being predators, are more active during evening hours.

Night Time Cat

11. Cats have roughly 7% of the amount of taste buds humans do. They still do however refuse to eat anything but food that is room temperature.
12. Cats have trouble seeing detail well, but they can still see 120 feet away.
13. People who own cats are proven to have less stress, and less risk of a heart attack (Anyone know CPR?).

14. A cat’s IQ is only beaten by chimps or monkeys, and of course humans.
15. Not all cats are affected by cat nip, roughly only 80% will respond.
16. A cat’s smell is 14 times more acute than our own.
17. Cats have over 100 vocal cords, where as dogs only have ten.
18. The average cat’s body temperature is 100 F to 102 F.
19. Cats have over three times better hearing than we do.
20. Cats have a 90% survival rate from falling from any height.

Now with all that new knowledge you can truly begin to understand your cat. Who knows, maybe your kitty will save your life someday.

Super cat