Interesting BP Spill Facts


1. BP (British Petroleum) Spent over three billion in response to the spill.

2. The oil spill effected all five of the gulf states beaches.

3. It is the largest of shore spill the United States has ever seen.

4. It leaked an average of 47,000 barrels of oil a day.

5. The spill was over 20 times greater than the Exxon Valdez incident.

6. Four years before the spill, BP was fined 20 million for not fixing the corroded pipe.

7. Eleven worker died when the rig exploded.

8. 12,000 people in Louisiana lost their jobs because of the spill.

9. The confirmed cost f the oil spill is 1.6 billion.

10. The U.S. started receiving 30% less oil from the gulf since the spill

11. Though it may seem like it, this is not the worst oil spill that the United States has experienced. The Deepwater Horizon spill takes that prize.

12. An oil spill caused by Pemex, a Mexican owned company, was actually the first oil company to cause an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, not BP.

13. BP make an average of $500,000 every eight minutes, or about $59 a day.

14. This was not the first time that BP has messed around with oil. In 2005 an explosion in an oil refinery owned by BP killed 15 workers. And a BP Alaskan pipeline leaked 200,000 gallons of oil.

15. At best, an estimate of only 20 percent of the total oil spilled will be recovered. So no matter what anyone does, millions of gallons of oil will continue to haunt the Gulf for years to come.

16. The plans to contain oil in case of an emergency spill of all of the major oil companies (Exxon, Mobil, Chevron, and Shell) are the exact same as BP.

17. Website based on gambling are now taking odds on which of the many endangered species in the gulf will be the first to go extinct.

18. BP realized, before the accident, the value of insuring the drilling site. They insured it for twice what it was worth! BP made $270 million from insurance money from the spill!

19. Oil has been found in the Loop Current, meaning that the entire East coast will be affected.

20. Over 150 endangered sea turtles have been found dead from the oil spill, plus over 300 sea birds.