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Using the available Keyboard shortcuts on your computer can save time and increase your productivity online.While some keyboard shortcuts are universal and work with all browsers Internet Explorer(IE), FireFox, Chrome and Opera have their own shortcuts specific to their browser.

In this article we will look at 20 shortcuts that can be used by Internet Explorer users.Picking up just a few of these will really help you make the most of your time online and you may be surprised by some of the options available with just one click.

If Your A FireFox User Here Are 35 FireFox Keyboard Shortcuts

Using A Keyboard Shortcut - Press and hold the first key then press the second key once, for example to use the first shortcut in the list you would click and hold Ctrl and press A once.For the rare shortcuts that require three keys press and hold the first two and press the third once.

20 Fast Keyboard Shortcuts For Internet Explorer

1. Ctrl+A - Select All The Content On A Page
2. Ctrl+B - Open Your Favorites Dialog Box
3. Ctrl+C - Copy Highlighted Content To Your Clipboard
4. Ctrl+V - Paste The Content From Your Clipboard
5. Ctrl+D - Bookmark The Page Your On
6. Ctrl+F - Open A Search Bar To Find Text On A Page
7. Ctrl+H - Open Your History Bar
8. Ctrl+I - Open The Bookmark Folder
9. Ctrl+N - Open A New Window
10. Ctrl+O - Opens address
11. Ctrl+P - Access The Print This Page Options
12. ALT+HOME - Go To Your Homepage
13. ESC - Closes Full Screen View For Example With Video
14. F1 - Open IE Help
15. F5 - Refresh The Current Page
16. F4 - Shortcut to Display a list of former addresses
17. F7 - Begin Caret Browsing
18. F11 - Remove The Top And Bottom Bars An View In Full Screen
19. F12 - Opens Internet Explorer Developer Tools
20. Ctrl+W - Close Browser

You will be plesently suprised how quickly you become familiar with the main shortcuts once you begin using them.So give it a go and you will find the Internet a quicker more fun place experience.

Do you know any handy shortcuts i left out, or have you found a few new ones to use in the list ?