20 Minute Workout At Home Without Equipment

Working out on a consistent basis can require quite the time commitment; many people do not workout their body due to working hours, and other responsibilities that they may have that consume their time. Working out on a consistent basis can also require a substantial financial commitment with the gym costs or equipment costs; many people do not workout because they simply cannot afford it, or they do not want to spend their money on the associated costs. These two reasons comprise a majority of the individuals that choose to live their life without working out; what if I was to tell you that a simple solution would negate both of these reasons...do you think that they would begin to work out? Well it turns out that there is a simple solution that many people choose to abide by: working out in the comfort of your own home without any equipment. You are not required to spend a single penny on any gym memberships or associated equipments costs, and it only required 20 minutes 3 or 4 times every week. This solution is not for everybody as there are people who have reasons for not working out that are not listed in this article; however, a substantial amount of people would now be able to consistently work out if they used these home workout exercises. You may use as many of the following exercises to create your workout; the workout should be suited to your physical condition and goals, so the composition of it is entirely up to you!

Push ups

This is the best exercise for building up your entire upper body mass as it works out your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Doing this exercise will completely workout all of your "push" muscles. I have done many equipment-free workouts and I have to say that I saw the best results when it came to gaining size and hardening my muscles through this exercise. Start off with a few sets as many as you can do, and with time and persistence you will be able to do sets of 50 push ups with ease. If the basic push up exercise is beginning to be too easy for you, you can ask somebody to sit on your back for added weight and try and increase the amount of repetitions that you can do with that person on your back for increased difficulty. This exercise is like the all in one solution for the "push muscles" of your upper body as it ensures that all of them get worked out with only one movement!

Wide-arm pull ups

There are many ways to do this without equipment; you basically have to find something to hang off of. I used to use a strong tree branch in my backyard, but I have seen people use supporting beams in their house or garage. This exercise uses the same concept of an all-in-one movement as the push up, but it instead works all of your "pull" muscles instead. This exercise allows your biceps, back, and slightly your trapezius muscles to be worked. Once your own body weight has become too easy for you to lift you may begin to attach objects to your belt to add weight, and begin to increase the amount of repetitions that you can do with the added weight of the object. This movement manages to work all of your "pull muscles" at one time and is a great tool for adding mass and definition to those worked muscles.


This is one of the best exercises for your legs because it increases your muscle density while allowing you to improve your balance, stability, and core muscle strength. Squats work your quadriceps, gluteus, and calf muscles. This is exercise can be considered the "best bang for your buck" in regards to movements because it improves other important aspects of strength as well as basic muscle mass. You must remember that moving slowly is the key for squats without any added weight; this is because it is continually working your muscles throughout the whole movement. Many people seem to move through this movement in a speedy manner and claim to be able to do hundreds; I challenge those people to do 10 squats without giving up when moving through the exercise at a slow pace! Once your own weight becomes too easy you may add weight by holding objects in your hands over your shoulders, just make sure you are holding the same amount of weight over each shoulder.

Sit ups

This exercise strictly works your abdominal muscles, but greatly increases your core strength as well. This exercise is sometimes referred to as the beach body exercise but little do people know how important your core strength is. Your core strength will determine how much of your maximum potential you can lift in absolutely any other exercise; therefore, making this exercise one that should definitely not be looked over! One thing to remember with this exercise is that moving slow is the key. Your goal is not to do 1000 sit ups by the end of the workout, but is rather to make those 20 that you do as valuable as possible to allow for the most muscle growth and tone. Once your own body weight has become too easy for you, you can place nearly any object that you can find on your chest while you do the sit ups for added difficulty; considering the amount of objects in your house I am sure that you can find nearly an object of nearly any weight that you desire.

These exercises may be used In conjunction to form a workout that lasts roughly 20 minutes or so. You can do them solely with your own body weight or you can add objects found around your house to the mix for added difficulty. An amazing thing about this workout is that you can even incorporate cardiovascular activity in it! When you simply superset (continuously complete exercises with little or no rest) the exercises, you will significantly raise your heart rate so that you may burn fat as well as build and tone muscle! With this knowledge and information there are nearly no reasons why you can't work out a few times per week!