The world is full of crazy and wonderful things and I've scoured the Interwebs to find some of the world's biggest stuff. My journey across the web lead me to find that the world has a bunch of weird random crap that I would have never guessed. Some of this stuff is quite mind blowing and I learned a few things on my quest. One is that I'd never like to own a dog that could easily eat me in one bite, and the other is that I must visit the world's biggest McDonalds!

#1) World's Biggest McDonalds

 biggst thing

There has been some debate over whether or not this is truly the world's biggest McDonalds, but it pretty much is. I hear there is one in Moscow that seats way more, but then again I've never been there so I don't know.

# 2) World's Biggest Breasts

biggst boobs

28 year old American housewife Sheyla Hershey is the proud owner of the world's biggest breasts. Only in America right? This crazy woman went through 9 operations to get her unique physique, I hope there isn't any scaring.

#3) World's Biggest Rabbit

biggest rabbit

This 3 foot, 22 pound rabbit is next on my pet list! This little big guy comes from a certain species named "German Giant", which is very fitting. This guy would be a fun pet for a while until my house ended up littered with giant rabbit poop. I bet he would make a good meal though!

#4) World's Biggest Fork

biggest fork

The world's biggest fork sits in the land of the world's largest people, America, how fitting is that? This giant fork resides in Springfield MI and attracts thousands of people year round. I'm surprised Homer Simpson hasn't made a visit to this monument yet.

#5) World's Biggest Thermometer

biggest thermometer

I guess this is kind of neat, you can never go wrong with making something ginormus. This thermometer is in Baker California and is symbolic of the record high temperature in the US. in 1913 in Death Valley the temperature reached 134 degrees Fahrenheit!

#6) World's Biggest Book

biggest book

For people who love to read, or for people who are damn near blind, this book offers the best of both worlds. set in stone, is found at the foot of Mandalay Hill in Burma. It has 730 leaves and 1460 pages, and each page is three and a half feet wide, five feet tall and five inches thick.

#7) World's Biggest Turban

biggest turban

This is the world's biggest where is the world's biggest head? You can find this giant turban in the Bagore Ki Haveli Museum which is in Udaipur India.

#8) World's Biggest Dog

biggest dog

Holy Crap Holy Crap Holy Crap! In Russia dog walks you! This pooch is appropriately named Hercules and weighs in at 282 pounds...82 pounds larger than usual for the breed.

#9) World's Biggest Pierogi

biggest perogy

I can't remember where I found this or where this was but I know that it made me hungry. I'm sorry to report than I don't know what's filling it, but my money is on cheese!

#10) World's Biggest Hockey Stick

biggest hockey stick

This hockey stick has never seen ice, but it still manages to put fear into goalies world wide. If you guessed this was found in Canada then you're correct. Those silly Canadians love their hockey, I just didn't know this much.

#11) World's Biggest Cannon

biggst cannon

This cannon would have been the equivalent of bringing a F-18 to a gun fight. The Jaivana cannon is the largest wheeled cannon ever constructed. It is located at the Jaigarh Fort, Jaipur. It was cast in 1720, during the reign of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II of Jaipur.

#12) World's Biggest Camera

biggest camera

Bigger is better right? This friggin huge camera is made by Canon and is one of the in the world. How big is that lens you ask? 5200mm big!

#13) World's Biggest Violin

biggest violin

If you want to gawk at this huge violin you're going to have to make a visit to the east coast of Canada. Over in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia is where you will find it but something tells me it really isn't worth the visit.

#14) World's Biggest Axe

biggest axe

Another Canadian giant from New Brunswick is this axe which stands a few stories tall. Why do they have such a huge axe? Well as it turns out, this place is the forestry capital of Canada. I thought that title went to BC, but I'm thinking of a different bush.

#15) World's Biggest Cowboy Boots

biggest boots

Yee Frickin Haw! These cowboy boots are located in Texas of course, San Antonio to be exact. These bad boys stand 40 ft tall and 45 ft wide which easily gives them their title of world's largest cowboy boots.

#16) World's Biggest Cuckoo Clock

Biggest kookoo clock

Measuring four metres and weighing about six tons, this gigantic clock with a working pendulum took five years to complete. You can find this sucker in Germany of course!

#17 World's Biggest Cat

biggest cat

Ok well this isn't your average kitty cat, but a Liger that would have made Napoleon Dynamite proud. This is the largest cat yet to be weighed in and discovered, and yes he eats people for breakfast!

#18) World's Biggest Fruit

biggest fruit

The Jackfruit is the world's largest fruit and can be found growing in South Asia and is similar to a Pineapple in texture, but nowhere near as delicious. It is said that the Jackfruit is an accuired taste although is still very popular within the area.

#19) World's Biggest Airplane

biggest airplane

The AN-225 was developed for the Soviet space program and first took flight in December of 1988. So what is this for? Pretty much this is an air taxi for very large cargo, and could easily fit most of the world's largest stuff found in this article.

#20) World's Biggest Skateboard

biggest skateboard

This is obviously the world's biggest skateboard and was created by Foundation Skateboards in 1996. It was not inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records until 2004. Riding this thing is most likely a death sentance, but I wouldn't mind watching someone else do it.