Learn More About Your Favorite Carbonated Drink.

  1. Pharmacist John Pemberton Coca Cola in 1886 it was considered the original energy drink.
  2. Key ingredients in the original formula were Kola nuts and Coca leaf (which is the main source of cocaine).
  3. Coca Cola Company is a $67 Billion dollar empire.
  4. The beverage is sold in 206 countries.
  5. The World of Coca Cola is a shine/museum dedicated to the beverage.
  6. 100 million gallons of coke is sold everyday.
  7. It is the largest beverage company in the world.
  8. Coca Cola company has a secret research facility/lab that is able to mimic anywhere coke products are sold, including gas stations.
  9. Its popularity is due mostly to creative marketing and memorable commercials.
  10. Coke, the beverage giant began to lose some of their market share to the energy drink market as well as an “anti soda” backlash due to the new fitness kick.
  11. Coca Cola Marketing teams maintains that Coke is the original energy drink and to drink it in moderation.
  12. Coca Cola is not just a soda company, it sells 70 different brands of products in the USA.
  13. Coca Cola sells 500 brands around the world.
  14. Coke owns the patent to its bottle shape. No other company can use it.Original Coke BottleCredit: Wikipedia
  15. Coca Cola did its own “Pepsi Challenge” and found that customers were actually choosing Pepsi. So they decided to change the formula.
  16. In April 1985 Coke introduced a new formula that was a total bomb. Coke drinkers were outraged and flooded the company with complaints.
  17. They brought the original formula back as “Coca Cola Classic.”
  18. Coke has its own historian who keeps Coke memorabilia in an unmarked room in the basement of the company’s headquarters. The room holds $60 million worth of Coke memorabilia.
  19. The original formula for Coca Cola is kept in a vault in a bank in Atlanta.
  20. The Coca Cola concentrate is shipped to bottlers in 55-gallon containers that does not tasted good and marked “corrosive.”
  21. The flavor comes alive when the exact proportion carbonated water and sweetener is added.
  22. Coca Cola Company's mission is to bring Coke to every corner of this world.


Coke is still America's favorite drink judging by how much they sell on a daily basis and how far it reaches to the other parts of the world. This is because of great marketing and whatever you may think about Coke, their marketing campaigns have always been memorable.




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