Have you read the book Cant Get There From Here by Todd Strasser?Are you looking for 20 great quotes from the book?

   If you have answered yes to these questions then this article is perfect for you. In this article I will give you 20 quotes from the book cant get there from here,a summary of the book and a rating of the book.


Quote: “The bigger they are the harder they fall”. Maggot rose to his feet. “He’ll never know what hit him.”


Quote:Dead at the age of 15.


Quote:“Ever touch a dead person before?”... I knew a dare when I heard one.


Quote:Maggot was right. It felt weird. The skin was cold and almost rubbery.


Quote”Money for maryjuana


Quote:“I seen her last night”... cruising the tunnel”


Quote:“2moro got us free passes to the cradle tonight.” … The Cradle was the hottest club in the world.


Quote:“Some people came in a car. I think they were his parents.” .... “He said his parents were dead.”

Page: 172

Quote:Maggot held the five-dollar bill flat and tight between his fingers. ''Worked like a charm.

Page :69

Quote:“That’s great, Jewel,” Maggot said. “Only New Year's Eve was 3 weeks ago .”


Quote: “If you lived on the street long enough you could sense things in the night before you saw them.”

Page: 23

Quote: “This place is so horrid. The absolute pits. How can any of you live here?

Page: 113

Quote: “I liked sleeping in a real bed again.”

Page: 140

Quote: “You could still have a life.”

Page: 122

Quote: “Everybody wanted something.”

Page: 78

Quote: “Can’t get there from here.”

Page: 114

Quote: “You think that miserable hungry street world out there is the only life out there for you, but it ain’t.”

Page: 123

Quote: we were sort of like a family,or maybe a tribe... we watched out for each other,cared for each other.


Quote:“Its a perfect day to sell some ecstasy”

Page: 46.

Quote:“someone should take that dog away and give it to a good home. … If you really love the dog you should give it to me.



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Cant Get There From Here is a book about how a group of homeless kids trys to survive on the street . The kids in the book are Victims of lifelong abuse, their sense of right and wrong has been clouded by a rebellious stance against the world. The tribe members live hand-to-mouth, trying to make enough money to sustain themselves by washing windshields, providing improvised street entertainment, dealing drugs, and selling themselves as prostitutes. None of them have any sense of the future; for the most part, they cannot imagine living past the age of  30 as one of the characters states in the book.

             The kids are known only by their street names. The story is told through the eyes of Maybe, a teenager rendered homeless by an alcoholic mother who traveled with the circus and simple could not afford to keep maybe around. When Maybe was young her mother forced her out of the house because she had to many mouths to feed. In addition to Maybe, the group includes Maggot, the only character who has run away from an apparently stable home out of sheer rebellion; two "older" boys, Country Club and OG, 2Moro, who is HIV positive; Rainbow, a junkie whose mother sold her for drugs; Jewel,who no one really knows much about; and Tears, at twelve the youngest member of the tribe. As the weather gets colder, the kids are one by one overcome by the obstacles stacked against them. Near the end of the book Maybe and Tears are the only ones left. The rest of the group have either died or gone on to do other things.  In the book Maybe take the initiative to find out where Tears family lives and through Anthony a library worker she is able to get Tears to a loving supporting family

Published in 2004, Can't Get There From Here is a Junior Library Guild selection and has been named to the list of "Young Adult Choices of 2006." This heartbreaking odd book gives the reader the insight as to the lives of homeless people. See the amazon box on the side of this page to buy the book.


out of 5 stars I rate this book a 3 1/2 because

  • The book is detailed and well written
  • The story line is unique.
  • The subjects the book talks about are odd.
  • Some parts of the book are not realistic
  • The book is disturbing in some ways.