Born Too Short by Dan Elish is a young adults novel that was published in 2002. It is popular among teenagers and even adults. In this article I will give you a short summary of the novel and will share with you 20 interesting quotes I found from the novel.



Born Too Short is a novel about two boys, Keith Livingston and Matt Greene. Keith is the most popular guy in school in the novel, he has great looks,participates in almost every activity, has had tons of girl friends and has even written a successful play. Matt on the other hand is a shy,nerdy,awkward boy who happens to be Keith's best friend. The Story is written from the perspective of Matt. In the novel Matt depicts his life to the reader, he shows how hard it can be living in the shadow of your best friend. When the two boys start school, Matt begins to feel jealous, wishing inside that his friend messes up. To Matt's surprise his wish comes true and Keith's life starts taking a turn for the worst. Keith's girlfriend cheats on him with another girl! Keith misses his school basketball finals, final shot, and Keith's Dad, a movie director, star actress gets hit by a car and is badly injured.

  Matt feels like all of this trouble is all his fault. He frantically, trys to find a way to fix the problem he has created. Matt learns not to be jealous of Keith and eventually the two boys friendship grows. Keith also rebounds and finds himself at the top of the world again.


Quote: “Keith is so studly they used his smile in a toothpaste ad. A pretty impressive sight. I mean, his teeth are pathologically straight. And his gums are pink like the center of a medium steak... Keith brushed a hand through his hair- he likes to do that because it's long and blond and makes him look sort of like a British rock star.”

Quote: “That's when Keith started this sort of good-bye ritual we had. “You rule,” he said. “No, you rule,” I replied. “No, you!” “No, you!” “You!” “You!” You get the idea. It went on like that for a while. Then we traded some high fives and I took a step down 79th street.”

Quote: “Sure, Keith was my best buddy. But I was beginning to hate him.”

Quote: “Dude!” he said. We were on the way to science class. “This is what we need to do: start a band””

Quote: “It may surprise you that by that time I sort of agreed with her. Star Crosed was no Rent. But that didn't mean it wasn't impressive in it's own way. In fact, I rose to my feet with the rest of the crowd, proud to be Keith's best friend.”

Quote: “Before I change my mind, I reached for Derricks beer. “Gimme that,” I said.  “What for?” “Gimme it!”... “I'm gonna ask Katie to slow dance.”

Quote: “I suddenly got this strong feeling that  I was being watched. In fact, I was sure of it. I wheeled around and bingo! There was this guy staring at me . He was a fairly typical street person- middle-aged, glassy eyed, a beard.”

Quote: “ Better be careful,” he said. He had this deep voice that seemed to rumble out of him. “Wishes that strong can come true.”

Quote: “With that, he got off and I rode farther east to Second Avenue. Back home, I collapsed straight into my bed. Which is when I found out something else. A couple of beers can really knock a guy out. I slept like a log.”

Quote: “But? Had Josie used the word “but?” My heart filled with hope.”

Quote:  “Wendie Culhane isn't bizarre at all. But when you add who she was with, well... Wendie wasn't with Keith. Not by a long shot. Instead, she was with a girl- a pretty girl, in fact, with auburn hair and big green eyes. Not only that, a girl who suddenly gave Wendie a playful little shove against the glass window of the restaurant. And then leaned forward.... And planted one square on Wendie's lips!!!!!!! No peck, either! We're talking a real kiss.”

Quote: “But the next time's on me, okay?” As in, there would be one. You know, a next time.”

Quote: “Then, before I knew it, he leaned forward and gave me this massive hug. “Thanks for coming over to talk to the outcast.”

Quote: “Boy, did she look surprised- and I think a little disappointed- when I asked if I could check out her facilities.”

Quote: “But Sandra Millicent was going to star in Keith's dad's movie,” I cracked. With that, I sort of hung my head low.”

Quote: “Boy, did Keith's eyes go wide. “A girl?” “Right,” I said. I hoped that would be enough info to get the point across. Turned out it wasn't. That's because Keith totally misunderstood what I was trying to say!”

Quote: ““Keith.” I said. “She is seeing someone else.” “She is?” he asked. “What're you trying to say?Like, Wendie and this girl were kissing or something?” …. I nodded.”

Quote: ““I've been up to my ears in weirdness, that's what! I think these wishes might be coming true. I saw Wendie Culhane cheating on Keith with a girl!””

Quote: “ I saw him. No, not Keith. The street person. At least I think I saw him. It was really just a flash of a gray beard and a wrinkled face out of my peripheral vision.”

Quote: “Things  weren't going too badly, right? I mean, I had a couple of buddies, a shot at a scholarship to Paris, and a girlfriend. What else did a five-foot-one-and-a-half-inch, guitar playing thirteen-year-old nerd really need?”