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1. I didn’t want to have to invite my mother and father’s friends to my wedding simply because they’re my mother and father’s friends.

2. I wasn’t interested in actually caring or pretending to care what my parents’ friends would like to eat.

3. I embarrass easily and have always cringed at weddings imagining my new husband taking off my garter belt as everyone watches and cheers.

4. I don’t like wearing garter belts.

5.  I’m pretty clumsy and would more than likely trip over my gown or high heels walking down the aisle.  It’s too much pressure.

6. I would not want to walk down an aisle with everyone standing and staring at me.  (Reference #3)

7. I didn’t want to ask my parents to pay anything for my wedding.  That’s how you proclaim your independence and start your new family, right? By having your old family fund it. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense.

8. Although I have seen many of them turn out beautiful, I did not want a DIY wedding.  I have seen some disastrous weddings and I’ve never been great at arts and crafts.

9. I didn’t want to spend any of my free time picking which old friends I hadn’t spoken to in years should attend the most intimate moment of my life.

10. I think it’s really corny to have a bunch of people at your wedding that will never play a role in your marriage.

11. I wanted to wear something a bit hipster and knew it would embarrass or shame my mother, especially in front of her friends. (Reference #1)

12. I actually wanted the day to be about us. You know, the kind of day where you don’t think of anyone else’s needs or desires for the entire day?

13. I always wanted to get married in Vegas and where’s the fun in a classy wedding in Vegas? Drive-thru chapels just seem like so much more fun.

14. I didn’t want anyone posting pictures of my wedding to Instagram (which still happened when a friend just couldn’t contain her excitement and posted a private picture I sent her).

15. I didn’t want to have to decide whom the VIP of my life were and dress them up in ugly dresses.  Although as I type it that does seem pretty enticing.

16. I didn’t want to get drunk in front of all of my family, but I knew that I definitely wanted to drink too much champagne with my new husband following our nuptials.

17. My mother and father were married years before my birth so I never saw my mother as a bride. Maybe that was the reason I never had a desire to be a bride, rather a wife.

18. I was actually in love so all of the BS regarding what I would wear, the venue, the menu and the playlist all seemed irrelevant.

19. I was the first of my friends to get married and couldn’t trust them to behave themselves in a classy setting.

20. I wanted to get married, not throw a party.

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