It is not easy to quit cigarettes but it can definitely be done. Here are 20 tips to quit smoking that can help you on your journey from becoming a smoker to a non-smoker. You can free yourself from this addiction and, pretty soon, you won't be looking back.

Write Down The Reasons Why You Want To Quit

This may sound obvious but knowing your reasons to quit is a powerful tool for dealing with cravings. When those cravings hit you hard in your first week, you need to remind yourself exactly why you are doing it.

The last thing you want at that moment is to not understand why you are quitting and to relent and have "just one cigarette".

Ask Family & Friends To Support You


You need help and there is no shame in admitting it. The more support you can get then the higher your chances of success - it really is that simple. Don't underestimate this, one of the simplest tips to quit smoking.

So make sure to tell all your family and friends that you are quitting and to get their support too.

Set A Quit Date

Whether you intend to quit cold turkey or to cut down instead, you need to set a quit date. This is the date from when you will no longer smoke a cigarette.

If you don't set a quit date, you won't take your quitting seriously and will just say to yourself "oh I'll quit tomorrow instead."

Start Exercising

Most smokers don't exercise that much. But did you know that exercise is a great way to kill your cravings?

I don't know why but it could be because you are essentially getting your "fix" from the endorphin and adrenalin rush of exercise. Plus, exercise makes you less agitated and more at peace with yourself.

Tell Your Doctor You Are Quitting

You won't want to disappoint your doctor after telling him you are quitting. Plus, he or she can help you as they may be able to refer you to a therapist or give you helpful drugs or other assistance.

Learn Diaphragmatic Breathing

Diaphragmatic breathing is a way of breathing from your stomach rather than your chest.

By doing a series of breaths like this, several times per day, you can actually help to calm yourself down and quash your cravings.

Get Your Teeth Professionally Cleaned

White Teeth(92530)

Your teeth are stained yellow, and possibly even brown, from several years of smoking. Get them professionally cleaned and it will make you less likely to want to ruin your new look.

Celebrate Your Quitting Milestones

Take things one step at a time. Don't let the word "forever" scare you.

Instead, celebrate each milestone. When you reach your first month, your second month, your six month anniversaries of quitting. When you reach your first year, have a big party or go on vacation.

Avoid Alcohol For The First Month

Many smokers smoke when they drink. In fact, there are some smokers in denial who only smoke when they drink.

After your quit date, I recommend avoiding booze for a month. Booze brings your guard down because you don't think about the consequences of your actions so just stay away from it if you want to succeed.

Keep A Photo Of Loved Ones

Especially if you're doing this for your family, it helps to keep a photo of loved ones close to hand.

If you get a craving, whip out your photo and look at it while waiting the three minutes that it takes for a craving to pass.

Hunger Pangs

If you feel hungry because you can't get a cigarette then keep vegetables or fruits nearby. They both contain hardly any calories and are nutrition dense. It is almost impossible to stuff yourself with too many of these because they just don't deliver much in the way of energy.



Hypnosis works for many people. It seems strange that so few actually use it to quit when you consider that it costs about the same as month's worth of cigarettes.

Now compare that cost to smoking for the rest of your life? It's nothing!

Celebrity Quit Stories

It's nice to hear when celebrities go through what you're going through and succeed. They are, after all, human beings too.

By reading a story about someone you've seen on the TV, it will help you relate in your own struggle.

If You Lapse, Don't Collapse

There is no "perfect way to quit". If you accidentally smoke a cigarette then don't let this be an excuse to collapse and start smoking 20 a day again.

Admit you were wrong, toss that cigarette and don't start your habit again. There is no excuse and you know it.

Throw Out Smoking Stuff

Totally get rid of ashtrays and lighters. If you put them in a drawer then they will always be there, just in case, which is an excuse to start again.

Throw them in the trash, you won't need them anymore.

New Hobby

Get a new hobby to really dedicate yourself to and distract yourself. If you meet new people then they'll also consider you as a non-smoker rather than a smoker.

L-Theanine Supplement

L-theanine is a supplement that has been used in Japan for many years. It is basically a very mild and natural sedative that has no known side effects.

I recommend taking it daily as it will help to minimize your cravings.

Trust Other Quitters

Don't take the advice of smokers who have failed to quit. After all, it didn't work for them.

Instead, speak to those who have successfully quit and trust them. They've been through exactly what you have or are going to and they came out the other side as winners. That's what you want too.

Join An Online Forum For Quitters

Search online and you will find many great support groups and hear stories from other quitters.

Don't forget to introduce yourself and participate too. These are your new friends and everyone in these places wants to help each other.

Avoid Emotional Situations

When you are angry or otherwise emotional then you are at your most vulnerable and most likely to use the occasion as an excuse to have "just one cigarette".

At least for the first month, try to avoid getting stressed out like this. Avoid these situations the best that you can.

After this time, don't let emotions be an excuse to start again. If you find yourself looking for such an excuse, recognise that it's your addiction trying to fool you into starting again and snap out of it.


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