Despite a global financial downturn, the constant rise of the skyscraper cannot be stopped. Following the opening of the tallest skyscraper in the world, 'Burj Khalifa' last year there are a whole score of skyscrapers still waiting for completion. In this list, I run down 20 Skyscrapers that have not yet reached completion but will hopefully be unveiled in all their glory within the next five years.

Kingkey 100 (Shenzhen, China)

Estimated Completion – 2011

Cost – Unknown (5 Billion RMB)

Height – 441.8 m (1449.5 ft)

Opening this year, the Kingkey 100 is a product of Southern China’s economic boost that has seen extra investment poured into areas such as Shenzhen. The Kingkey 100 will boast a six star hotel and South China’s first IMAX cinema.


Al-Hamra Tower (Kuwait City, Kuwait)

Estimated Completion – 2011

Cost – $950 Million (US)

Height – 414 m (1358 ft)

Set to be the tallest building in Kuwait and the tallest ‘sculpted’ skyscraper in the world. The tower will show amazing views of the Arabian Gulf and is designed as an office, retail and entertainment centre. The building opens this year as a symbol of Kuwait’s continuing modernisation.

al hamra

The Centaurus (Islamabad, Pakistan)

Estimated Completion – 2012

Cost – $350 Million (US)         

Height – 260 m (853 ft)

Part of Pakistan’s attempt to elevate itself onto the world stage, the Centaurus is a complex building design that spans a total area of 300,000 square feet. The complex will house an impressive 7 star hotel and is designed to withstand an earthquake of 9.5 magnitude.


The Shard (London, UK)

Estimated Completion – 2012

Cost - $750 Million (US)

Height – 310 m (1017 ft)

The Shard, when finished, will be by far the most stand-out skyscraper in London as well as the tallest. The structure will take on the look of a triangle, reaching a sharp point at the very top. The whole of the structure will be coated entirely in glass. 


L Tower (Toronto, Canada)

Estimated Completion – 2012

Cost – $280 Million (US)

Height – 202 m (662.7 ft)

The L Tower in Toronto is set to be a modernist style building, that, as its name suggests, will resemble the letter L.  The project is part of a revamp of the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts which has recently fell into disrepair. The building is set to be unveiled next year.

l tower(55387)

Waldorf Astoria Hotel and Residence Tower

Estimated Completion – 2012

Cost – $610 Million (US)

Height – 386 m (1265 ft)

Set to become the third tallest skyscraper in Chicago the huge tower will be home to a new Waldorf Astoria Hotel as well as luxury apartments and condos. The sleek and modern design of the building was supposed to complement the nearby Chicago Spire which has now been cancelled.


Infinity Tower (Brisbane, Australia)

Estimated Completion – 2012

Cost – Unknown

Height – 236m (774 ft)

At 73 stories high, the infinity tower is set to rise above the Brisbane skyline when finished in 2012. The skyscraper will comprise of serviced apartments with facilities that include a spa, swimming pool, gym and theatre. 


The Pentominium (Dubai, UAE)

Estimated Completion – 2013

Cost – Unknown

Height – 516 m (1693 ft)

The huge Pentominium Tower in Dubai will be the tallest residential building in the world boasting 122 floors of apartments. Dripping with luxury, an upper penthouse on the top floor will cost around $8 million (US) to purchase.


London Pinnacle (London, UK)

Estimated Completion – 2013

Cost – $820 Million (US)

Height – 288 m (945 ft)

 Part of the City of London’s redevelopment scheme, the Pinnacle will become the second tallest building in London following the completion of the Shard (see above). After struggling to find investment the building construction was bought by Arab investors in 2007.


Torre Cajasol (Seville, Spain)

Estimated Completion – 2013

Cost – $450 Million (US)

Height – 178.2 m (584 ft)

Designed to look like a torch at night over the Seville landscape, the Torre Cajasol will celebrate the rich architectural heritage of the city. The innovative building claims to be one of the most environmentally friendly skyscrapers in the world, winning the 2009 International Sustainable Architecture Prize.


One World Trade Center (New York, USA)

Estimated Completion – 2013

Cost – $3.3 Billion (US)

Height – 541.3 m (1776 ft)

Otherwise known as ‘Freedom Tower’ the 1WTC will stand on ground formerly held by the 6 World Trade Center. Upon completion the tower will be the tallest skyscraper in the whole of the U.S. The construction effort is part of a whole revamp of the World Trade Center site, which will be now seen as a memorial to the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001. The 1WTC itself will be used completely for office space and will be the tallest all office building in the world.


Carnegie 57 (New York, USA)

Estimated Completion – 2013

Cost – $1.3 Billion

Height – 306 m (1004 ft)

Situated south of central park, Carnegie 57, otherwise known as One57, will become the sixth tallest skyscraper in New York upon completion in 2013. The building will become home to a 5 star hotel amongst luxury apartments.


Devon Tower (Oklahoma City, USA)

Estimated Completion – 2013

Cost – $750 Million (US)

Height – 259 m (850 ft)

Set to be the tallest and most expensive building in Oklahoma, the Devon Tower is set to be a completely office based skyscraper. The architectural design of the Devon Tower is very similar to the Shanghai Tower known for its likeness to a bottle opener.


Portside Tower (Cape Town, South Africa)

Estimated Completion – 2013

Cost – $240 Million (US)

Height – 150 m (492 ft)

Set to be the tallest building in Cape Town when completed, Portside Tower will also be the first skyscraper to be erected in Cape Town for 15 years. The original plan was to build the tower higher although reducing the size became necessary as not to obscure views of the famous Table Mountain outside the city.


Shanghai Tower (Shanghai, China)

Estimated Completion – 2014

Cost - $2.2 Billion (US)

Height – 632 m (2073 ft)

Upon completion in 2014 the Shanghai Tower will be the second tallest building in the world, behind the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The tower will have a range of uses including offices, a hotel, retail outlets and other entertainment venues.


The Dubai Towers (Dubai, UAE)

Estimated Completion – 2014

Cost – Unknown

Height - 360 – 550 m (1181 – 1804 ft)

The truly audacious architecture of the proposed Dubai Towers, Dubai have been proposed since 2006. The sweeping and curvaceous effects that the buildings hold aim to represent flames rising above Dubai. Due to financial problems the construction work has been put on hold indefinitely like many construction projects in Dubai.


Goldin Finance 117 (Tianjin, China)

Estimated Completion – 2015

Cost – $820 Million (US)

Height – 597 Meters

When the 117 Tower is erected it will completely dominate the skyline in Tianjin, rising well above other skyscrapers in the city. Following the Shanghai Tower it will officially be the second largest building in China. The skyscraper is designed to have the effect of a walking stick with a sparkling diamond on top.


151 Incheon Tower (Incheon, South Korea)

Estimated Completion - 2015

Cost - $15 Billion (US)

Height – 601 m (1972 ft)

Upon completion the 151 Incheon Tower will rise 601 m with two separate towers adjoined by three skybridges. The 151 will be the tallest twin towers in the world surpassing the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.


Busan Lotte Tower (Busan, South Korea)

Estimated Completion - 2016

Cost - Unknown

Height – 510.2 m (1674 ft)

To be by far the tallest building in South Korea and sixth largest in the world. Based in the harbour of Busan the skyscraper is apparently designed to look like a standing ship.


Federation Tower (Moscow, Russia)

Estimated Completion – 2016

Cost – $530 Million (US)

Height – 506 m (1660 ft)

The Federation Tower complex is divided into two separate towers adjoined by multiple sky bridges. Upon proposed completion the east tower of the complex will be the tallest building in Europe. Construction is currently on hold for financial reasons.


So there you have it folks. I for one hope I am lucky enough to be able to visit these feats of architecture and engineering when at some point.

To bring the article to a close I thought I would post a video in honour of the construction over time of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the world.