Fonts Gone Wild

When it comes to fonts for your websites or blogs it can be hard to find something fresh and new.Most fonts being used we have all seen before, so if your looking for a font to grab the attention of visitors you have to try harder and look deeper.But their are cool new fonts being created every day and some of them are Eye catching and Unconventional.Here we have 20 fresh cool fonts you can use on your site and even better all are completely free !

Each font is linked to the download page with more info on using custom fonts.

20 Fonts Gone Wild !

1. Tramyad Font

A broken Graffiti Style Font.

2. DreamForge Classic Font

A Very Rounded Stylish Font.

3. Techno Funk Font

Chrome Style Techno Font.

4. Maagkramp Font

Rounded Twitter Style Font

5. Quarters Typeface Font

Broken Dash Style Font.

6. Puppeteer Font

Old English Style Font.

7. Simplistic Font

Flowing Rounded Style Font.

8. Skirules-sans 2 Font

Blotted Paint Style Font.

9. Ugloosy Font

Impact Style With Back Facing Letters.

10. Trashco Font

Spray Style Font With Icons Like Stars And Skulls.

11. Smudgers Font

Spray Blot Style With Different Size Letters.

12. Sorry Luthi Font

Alien Style Quirky Font.

13. GubbleBum Font

Bubble Bobble Round Style Font.

14. Gothique Cursive Font

Extreme Gothic Handwriting Font

15. Ultravioleta Font

Neon Lights Style Font.

16. +Digital Ninja+ Font

Curved Arc Style Font.

17. Armalite Rifle Font

Army Style Printed Font.

18. Loserboi Grunge Font

Sprayed Style Grunge Font.

19. Squair Font

Chrome Style Square Font.

20. Ogive Curvature Font

Extreme Blot Round Font.

All 20 fonts are free for personal use and extra details are available on the creators page.If you like these you will love the 5 Hand Drawn Social Icon Sets and 50 Free Blogger Templates, both here on Info Barrel.

Have Fun !