Turn Up the Romance in Your Marriage



Being in love is fun and whimsical.  Life is more enjoyable when there is someone to share life with.  But, sometimes, couples forget the love between them and become satisfied with a daily routine.  When this  happens, couples begin to do the normal, going out to dinner, watching movies and buying flowers and candy.  This can be boring.

Sometimes couples need to turn up the romance in their relationships.  In order to wake up the romance, begin to get creative in the ways you express love to each other.  If you are tired of the same romantic scenarios, start to think of more ways to say I love you to your sweetheart. 

Romance doesn't have to occur on a certain night of the week; you can show romance in little ways each day.  Incorporate small, yet signifcant ways to express the love and romance in your relationship and avoid the mundane and boring.

Below are 20 simple and creative ways to turn up the romance in your relationship.

1.  Place romantic and uplifting notes on household products to convey how much you love your sweetheart.  For example, on a bottle of joy dishwashing liquid write,"You bring joy to my life." Or on a bottle of comet cleaner, "You are the comet in my life." Your sweetie will feel loved reading these surprising notes.  They are spontaneous and uplifting.

2. Write a love note and leave it in a book he/she is reading.

3. Create love coupons to redeem from eachother.  Take some paper, cut it into the size of coupons and write,"Love Coupon Redeemable for..." and write something you can do for each other.  It could be a back rub, picnic, message, cooking a favorite meal, sexy outfit day.  Get creative with these coupons and redeem them when needed.

4. Start referring to your wife as, "My Bride."

5. Reenact your first date.

6. Leave Hershey's kisses with a card and note in your loves lunch container.

7. Give a compliment every 4-6 hours in a day.

8. For ladies, wear one of his t-shirts to bed with nothing underneath.

9. Call before leaving work to see if you can pick something up for him/her.

10. Send him flowers.

11. Send him a perfumed love letter at work.

12. Wash and detail her car before the work week starts.

13. Place a flower on her pillow at night.

14. Watch TV together and kiss during the commercials.

15. Carry her over the threshold of your home.

16. Turn off all the lights for one evening and just use candles and find something sexy to do.

17. Wash his feet. Fill a basin with warm water and soap and let his feet soak for 10 minutes.  Wash and dry them for him.

18. Drive him/her to work for a week.

19. Create a "Love Jar." Every time you make love, place a dollar in the jar.

20.  Make a list of all the things you love about each other and share the list.

As you can see, romance can be prominent in your relationship again.  With just a little creativity, you and your sweetheart will live in total love each day. 


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