1. Clothes

Women love going out shopping with their husband and shopping for clothes for their husbands is important because they don't want him to look like a slob and bring shame to the family. There are men who can actually do with the added feminine touch.

2. Tools

Women like to buy tools for their husbands as a hint for him to get off his back side and so some repairs at home. There are men who actually love collecting tools but are useless when it comes to DIY. Other get the hint but never seem to be able to finish anything. They've got the desire but lack what it takes to finish the job. You end up having to pay a professional to clean up the mess.

3. Gadgets

This is like buying toys for your children. You know that you husband will likely lose his mind if he is a gadget freak and you buy him the latest Galaxy S3 or the new iPhone. It will keep him under control for a while until the novelty wears off.

4. Fishing Equipments

Some women will give their husband a hint by investing in fishing rods and nets so that he can go out with the whole day with Ted. She can then have a little peace of mind in his absence. Some women will be afraid of a Brokeback Mountain scenario but each one to his own.

5. Shoes

It is funny that most men don't really care for their shoes and will not even notice that it is long due for renewal. Some men are not even ashamed of having holes in their shoes. There are exceptions but generally speaking most men will not take good care of their feet. Some even find it hilarious having smelly feet and wearing the same socks for days.

6. Food

Some women who are plus size will force feed their husbands so that he will be able to sympathize with their weight issues.  If they are both fat or obese, that will be like "a problem shared is a problem halved".

7. Beer

Some women Like to buy Beer for their husbands just to keep him happy and get him to open up a bit. When some men are drunk, they tend to get a little chatty.

8. Watching Girly Movies

Some women love to indulge in girly tear jerking movies and hope their other half with shed some tears. The problem is, they will share the news of Ted crying watching Titanic with the whole world. "He tries to play though but he is a little softy really, did you know he cried when Leonardo drowned in the Titanic?"

9. Computer Games

Some women like to buy Games for their husbands so that he doesn't have an excuse not to interact with the kids. She can get some peace of mind when the grown up kids is having fun with the real kids.


10. Underwear

Some women like to buy underwear  for their husbands because they are tired of seeing him in the old ones filled with holes. Some men are disgusting and will wear their underwear inside out for another week.

12. Music

Some women will buy music for their husbands but not often what he likes but what they think he should like.

13.Car Repair Kits

Women like to buy car repair kits for their husbands just as a hint to get him to learn how to change the wheel. There is nothing worse than seeing a useless husband who needs to call out a mechanic because he can't change the wheel.


14. Feminine Touch

Some women will buy their husbands things for their car to make the car look for homely and feminine and often try to dissuade him from pimping up his ride.

15. Sexy Clothes

Most women like to buy skimpy cloths to wear for their husbands and ask him, "do you think I'm sexy?' It is apparently a gift for him but it is all about her. If he doesn't give the right answer, all hell will break loose.

16. Lawn Mower

Women like to buy lawn equipment for their husbands because they are ashamed to have the Amazon forest in the front and back garden. It is even worse if the neighbor has got her husband trained to the point that he automatically knows when to take care of the garden and lawn.

17.  Sex

Sex is not about procreation but it can also be about power. I know what you want and you know I want that new washer/dryer. She would whisper in his ears, "Ted, if you buy that for me, I will do what you have always been asking me to do". Some people will call it blackmail whilst others will call it "Negotiating".

18. Tears

This is a good one. When girls cry, men don't often know what to do so they just give in. This is rather evil but it can be very effective if used judiciously.

19. Tell Me the Truth

This is deception and amateurs will often fall into it. If you woman ask you if she is fat and you think she is a fat slob, "you have to lie". She knows she is fat and doesn't need your opinion. What she wants you to say indirectly is that she is a supermodel. The same rules often apply even after 50 years of marriage. This is a way women control men. Those who have been in a relationship long enough will just go with the flow.

20. Looking at Other Women

The problem with this is that women are just as bad as men but they are more discrete about it. If you are about with your wife or your other half, know that she will be just as guilty as you are. If she wants to know if the woman who just walked by is beautiful. Pretend, you didn't even notice a woman walked by. This is all about control.