Introduction Youtube and How the Site Works

     Youtube is a popular website that consists of the world's largest and most active video community. Theres a reason for that -- it pays. That's right, YouTube will actually pay you to post videos, and spread your own popularity. To get started, it only requires on thing -- being part of The Partners Program.

     The Partners Program is a part of youtube that pays it's members. Being part of it requires applying and being accepted. Acceptence to this program isn't given out everyday. People have to earn it. And earning it requires a soaring online popularity, and videos that make come back to your channel for more.     So the question may be, why would YouTube pay it's users in this so called, "Partners Program?" Well, the answer lies in one word -- ads.

     Ads, otherwise reffered to as advertisments is how YouTube makes it money. Youtube hase ads all over the website. So, when your a partner, and someone clicks on your video, they will see an ad. Take a look at what YouTube pays:

$ 0.0033/1 view
$ 3/1,000 view
$33/ 10,000 views
$330/ 100,000 views
$3300/ 1,000,000 views

     These Statistics make many people want to join the Partners Program. Chances are, you do to. But, how do you get approved? Read on to learn how.

15 Tips to Become

Creating An Account

  • Don't make an oddly long user name with random letters.
  • Put little to no numbers in your username, so people can remember you better.
  • Make sure your username has to due with you, or the videos you make.

Designing Your Channel

  • Create a color scheme that best defines you and your youtube channel.
  • Take your time while doing this! You may also consider putting your username on the empty spaces on the side of the channel layout.
  • I suggest not to use the YouTube channel layouts that are already made for you.
  • You may also want to right what your videos are about to the side of your channel layout.

Your Videos

  • Only make one type of videos. Ex: All tutorial videos, all comedy videos.
  • Always put music in the background. If you talking then just turn the volume down to low. Having it too loud could be a very bad distraction.
  • Take time editing! Windows and Mac both come with built in editing program.
  • After you are done editing watch the final product 2-5 times before you put it on YouTube!
  • Don't ask the viewers to "Comment, Rate, and Subscribe." Simply say, "Subscribing Would Help a Lot."
  • Don't make quick videos that you don't put any effort into.These will ruin your reputation.
  • Make a video around every 3 days so your subscribers don't loose interest!
  • Only upload videos that you would think people would want to go out of there way to see.

Other Helpful Comments

When ever doing anything on YouTube, imagine yourself as the viewer, or the person watching your videos.

Take a look at other YouTubers who are in the same genre as you and that you enjoy to watch the videos of. Why do you like their videos? Why do their videos keep you comming back for more?

Lastly, one word will either make you or break you -- effort. Keep in mind, you are not goiing to become a YouTube Partner over night. Neither will you do it in a month. Sometimes not even in a year. It may seem hopeless, but trust me, if your videos are worth the time of others there is hope. I know you have heard this plenty of times before. Probably in one of those fantasy Disney movies, but the statement is true. Don't give up.