7 Ways to Maximize Your Gym Time

Anyone with a gym membership knows that working out can be time consuming. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be. The majority of gym goers stop using their membership within 6 months of starting due to time constraints and lack of motivation. If you’re focused and armed with a few tricks, you can avoid wasting precious gym time and get on with the rest of your day. 

Eat a small snack beforehand

Not only will this help your performance, but a little something will keep your blood sugar balanced and prevent dizziness and nausea. A snack 1-2 hours before working out can help you power through a workout with more energy, therefore burning more calories. Caffeine has also shown to be helpful before a workout, so consider drinking a small coffee or green tea before heading to the gym. 

Save the best for last

By getting the least enjoyable parts of your workout out of the way, you’ll look forward to ending on a good note. If you leave the boring stuff for last, odds are you’ll walk out of that gym before completing your workout.

Don’t go during peak hours

If you’re spending your gym time waiting to use a piece of cardio equipment, that’s not exactly time well spent. Spend less time at the gym by identifying down times. On this same note, go to the gym when it feels right for you, not because you've heard a morning workout boosts metabolism. If you're absolutely not a morning person, don't force yourself to go to the gym at that time. 

Practice HIIT training

HIIT is a form of exercise that alternates between high intensity intervals and followed by low to moderate rest time. This type of training elevated the heart rate, allowing you to burn the most amount of calories in the shortest amount of time. It’s not recommended to do HIIT for every workout, but 2-3 times per week is fantastic when you're short on time. 

Hire a personal trainer

Even better, share an hour session with a friend to save a few bucks. This will keep you on task while you learn proper techniques and use of all the gym equipment. A few sessions is all you need to be proficient. The next time you workout, you’ll know exactly what to focus on!

Get competitive

With yourself, that is! Stay motivated by constantly looking to improve. A great way to start doing this is to use a fitness tracker that records your total steps and activity. Each day is new chance to break a record. You can even shoot for a faster running pace or aim to slowly increase the weight you use during strength training.

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Do what you can WHEN you can

If going to the gym everyday just isn’t going to happen for you, put in the extra time on the days you can make it. For example if you’re used to doing 30 minutes of cardio each day, try doing 60 minutes 3 or 4 days a week. This not only saves time commuting to the gym, but off days are important to allow your body to recover. If you're finding that you simply don't have time to hit the gym to make it worthwhile, you might consider working out from home. It may seem like a big commitment, but investing in a piece of cardio equipment is cost efficient in the long run. Just one years worth of a membership can pay for a treadmill, bike or elliptical. On top of that, you can sell it when you're done with it. I had both a treadmill and elliptical, and was able to sell both for 3/4 of what I paid for it originally. 

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Staying committed to the gym is a huge feat, especially considering that most gym memberships last an average of 6 months or less. Give some of these suggestions a try the next time you’re headed to the gym!