20 Reasons To Get Married

Should you Marry?

Top 20 Reasons to Get Married

There has been much research into the benefits of marriage, from health to mental state to20 Reasons To Get marriedCredit: Sean McGrath child rearing, the list is endless.  Below I have compiled a short list of 20 reasons to get married, some have been extensively tested and and sited in respected research papers and others are a little more light-hearted.


1. Children.  Obviously this is not necessarily for everyone but most of us want children at some time in our lives and they certainly are a great source of entertainment.

2. Live longer!  It has been shown that those living in a marriage relationship live longer than those who remain single.  This is particularly true for Men, not sure if there is a hidden message there.

3. Eat Better.  When there are two or more people at the dinner table you are more likely to put more effort into the cooking of meals.

4. Tax savings.  Some countries give Tax concessions to married couples

5. Companionship.  We all get lonely from time to time and when in a married relationship it is great to know you always have someone by your side.

6. A helping hand.  There are things we are good at and things we struggle with.  A marriage partner can help fill those gaps and help perform those tasks that you struggle with.

7. Get your parents off your back.  They just want you popping out those Grandkids, so get moving!

8. Security. Life is always safer when you use the buddy system.  Having a spouse around to raise the alarm if you get in trouble has been proven to save lives.

9. Better for your kids.  It has been shown that children brought up by married parents tend to do better at school, are less likely to smoke, earn more when they grow up and are less likely to divorce.

10. Security if the other dies.  Not something we want to think about but if you are in an un-married relationship and you pass away, you're partner will not have the same rights to your property as they would if you had been married.  This is an important one and you should do your research if you plan on staying un-married.

11. Reduced chance of having a mental illness.  Married couples tend to exhibit less anxiety, depression and other mental health problems prevalent today.

12. Marriage is a life long adventure.  From buying your first house, having kids and retiring together, in marriage there is always another stage of life to look forward too.

13. Reduce your blood pressure.  That's right, if you want to reduce your blood pressure you should eat healthy, exercise and get married!

14. Save money.  This may sound odd but by living together you will actually reduce your cost of living per person.  Studies have shown that married couples are welthier in general than singles.

15. Self improvement.  Having a spouse is a little like having a life couch.  You may not always like what you hear but lets face it, having someone point out what you can't see helps.

16. Travel partner.  If you ever feel like backpacking around the world, or setting up a new life in a foreign location you have a partner to share the experience with.  

17. Till death do you part.  It's hard to find dependable people in these days so its good to know you have someone by your side through thick and thin.

18. A helper in times of need.  There will come times when we get sick or need help with daily life for a while.  A marriage partner will be there for you in your time of need.

19. Someone to blame.  When you need an excuse to get out of something, 'my wife/husband is sick' always works well.

20. A new perspective.  Having another person to share life with always gives you a different perspective.  Perhaps they see the world in a different way or enjoy different food.  

Either way, married or not remember to enjoy life and live the way you feel you should.