21-Day Meditation Challenge


The best part of this program is that it is actually free! You simply sign up with your email address and each day you receive a message of that day's meditation. You can go to the site and download it as an mp3 file. Listen to it at your convenience.

What is truly great about the challenge is that the meditations gradually get longer as they go. This way you gradually build up your meditation time. Also, you get exposed to different forms of meditation. This way you can decide which one works best for you and which one you are most comfortable with.

This is truly a great way for beginners to learn meditation in the comfort of their own homes for FREE!

In addition, you get exposed to all the mediation terms that were always a mystery to me.

I was surprised with the energy that I have only after 7 days. Meditation is a really great way to relieve stress and calm your mind.


I really do not have any negative comments of this program at this time. Again, my hope is that since it has been so successful, they offer it again.

Full Review

I am 7 days into the Chopra 21-Day Meditation Challenge! I have struggled for years with meditation. It has always seemed difficult for me. I have heard of the many health and emotional benefits of meditating. Even my physician suggested I try meditation to alleviate some of the stress in my life. I found learning mediation was actually more stressful than the stress I was experiencing in my life!! Nonetheless, I stumbled on the Chopra Centre website. Guided meditation for free? Really?

Yes, it is actually free. Can't beat that! Here I am 7 days into it and I must say, I LOVE IT! I have checked the postings on the site and there is an overwhelming amount of positive responses. My hope is that they will offer this challenge to the public again.

In Closing

Meditation is a great way to relieve stress in your life. It is also a great way to give yourself a boost spiritually, energetically and emotionally. I have struggled with learning meditation for years and this program has been highly beneficial. I recommend it to anyone that wants to learn or has been unsuccessful with meditation in the past.

I will each day describe that days meditation and document my experience with this program and what impact, if any, that meditation has had on my life.