Day 11 and I still love this program and believe it is not only helpful in my meditation practice, but educational as well. This entire program is full of great insights about our thoughts, spirit, body an overall well being. For being a completely FREE program, it is an excellent source of information. I have to give kudos to the Chopra center for putting this program out there for free. It is wonderful, and I highly recommend it. I will have no problem completing this 21-Day Challenge! I will continue to use the program after the challenge as well. It is really a great way to learn meditation.

This program is for those that have tried meditation and failed, beginners, and those that are evolving spiritually.

I am currently meditating in the morning and then I meditate at night before I go to bed. I find that it is a wonderful way to start the day. It really helps me to keep my positive outlook on life throughout the day. I feel more "aware" after I meditate and it really helps to keep me in the present moment! Staying in the present moment is another difficult challenge for me, but I will not get into that!! I am enjoying the benefits of meditation and throughout the day if I am in a situation that makes me nervous I focus on my breathing and I am as calm as can be!

I enjoy it so much that I also meditate before going to bed now. I find that sleep comes quicker because my thoughts are more positive and relaxing. Usually, I would lie awake for 30 to 45 minutes having hundreds of "what if" thoughts and worrying about the next day. I find that meditating before I go to bed helps me to release and let go of those annoying thoughts.

My hope is that I may inspire a few people to try this program and find a useful tool to gain clarity, peace of mind and well being. Even though this is Day 11, you can sign up for free and download all the previous days. Two days are videos but you can download them as audio files. This is something you can use over and over again.