Meditation is a practice that you need to make time for everyday. The 21-Meditation Challenge is not only a great way to learn meditation it is a great way to learn to incorporate meditation into your daily life. Meditation is a powerful tool for your mind, body and soul. What I love about this program is that I can download the meditation and choose when I can listen to it. It has made incorporating meditation into my daily life very easy.

This program is a very positive and uplifting program that addresses self-esteem, the way we perceive the world, limiting beliefs, etc.

Day 12 is a great meditation that deals with the ego. We all need help with controlling our egos. When we learn to control our ego and control our emotions when our ego gets bruised, we can obtain more clarity in trying situations. We learn to not place blame or make excuses for why we can't do something.

Day 12 is a very powerful meditation that really addresses the power that we have within and the power we have to overcome limiting beliefs. We always tend to come up with many negative reasons of why we have not accomplished certain things in our lives. This meditation deals with the negative thoughts that we have that prevent us from moving forward.

I love this program because it is simple and makes sense. It deals with many aspects of our lives and has really helped me focus on the power that I have within myself. I think we all need a positive boost in our lives and this program really provides a great way to calm your mind and focus on positive thoughts. In 12 days it really had made a difference in my life. I automatically focus on my breathing in difficult situations. This helps me keep my emotions in check and I have found that things that I initially perceived as a negative situation actually turns out to be a positive situation.

This program is a wonderful, positive and free program that is easily incorporated into your busy day. If you have ever wanted to try meditation, I highly recommend this program.