Meditation is a powerful practice. It can help you ease stress, provides clarity and can teach you to live in the moment. I love this 21-Day Meditation Challenge because it addresses so many aspects of day to day life. Many people are out of control as far as their emotions are concerned. We have become a very reactive society and we criticize each other at every turn. Most of that behavior is due to the fact that we tend to hold grudges, anger and frustration. We also have a difficult time with forgiving ourselves as well.

Day 13 is a fantastic lesson in forgiveness. Not just forgiving others, but mainly learning how to forgive yourself. We tend to carry our baggage every where we go. It actually serves no purpose except to keep us from achieving our potential. Letting go of past guilt, hurts and above all anger, is a great step in changing your perception of the world. For those trying to change their outlook on life to a more positive one, this is the perfect meditation to help you achieve that. Learning to forgive yourself and others is difficult at first, however, it is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. We hold on to the past too tightly and it is something we cannot change. Meditation helps you focus on the present, so your future does not have to equal your past.

This meditation is a fantastic lesson and one that will help you to forgive and move on. This 21-Day Meditation Challenge is not only a great way to learn meditation, it will also help you to move forward in life with a more positive attitude. When you become more positive, your perception of the world begins to change. Instead of constantly complaining, you begin to become more grateful and appreciate the things you already have.

This meditation challenge is completely free, no strings. You are never asked to pay a fee or even enter any payment information. Simply your name and email. You also are not bombarded with emails selling additional meditation tools. The Chopra Center is offering this challenge again for the fall, again for free. If you have wanted to try meditation, this is a fantastic way to start and requires nothing of you except 10 - 20 minutes a day!