Over 20,000 people have taken advantage of this 21-Day Meditation Challenge!!! That is truly amazing and my hope is that many more folks will give this program a try. Most of the 20,000 are folks that have never tried meditation. This program is completely free and the meditations tend to be between 10- 20 minutes long. This is a great way to learn about the different meditation techniques. In addition, it is a great tool in learning how to deal with emotions, negative thoughts and above all self-esteem.

Day 14 is about looking within and focusing on who you really are. Many of us have the mask that we wear at work or in the public arena. We sometimes become lost in that mask and forget who we really are. This is a wonderful meditation to help you realize that you do not need a mask, that you are a wonderful person inside. Having the courage to really be yourself is difficult for many to achieve. Finding yourself, your true self, is a great experience. Letting go of the image that you present to the world is difficult for most people. We never believe we are enough. I love this program because it addresses such topics.

These meditations will have a significant impact on your life, if you commit time each day to truly focus on the meditation for that day. It is a great opportunity for you to gain emotional control, change a negative attitude to a positive one and above all, develop peace of mind.

I have no vested interest in this program, other than wanting to share it with as many people as possible. It has helped me greatly and I truly believe it can help others. I repeat this often: IT IS FREE!! Take advantage of it. I have passed it on to many of my friends and they have enjoyed it. It is a great step toward well being and appreciation for life. It will help you over come negative thoughts and guide you to becoming a more positive person. This is a great way to manage and relieve stress and will help you to keep your mind in the present moment, which is the most powerful moment that we have.

Try this program and see some real and positive changes in your life!!