Meditation has long been a great tool to focus and calm one's mind. After you have practiced meditation on a daily basis for a couple of weeks, you begin to feel more emotional and less stressed. Meditation addresses many different aspects such as the ego, negative emotions, self-esteem and much more. Most people tend to hide away their emotions and never gain control of them, often having frequent outbursts. Meditation truly helps you to understand your emotions and helps you develop a more positive way of getting your emotions in check.

Day 16 is about focusing on Who am I? and What do I want?. It is a fantastic twenty minute meditation about archetypes. This helps you figure out what qualities you are attracted to or that you would like to see within yourself. We often choose heroes based on qualities that we wished we had. This meditation helps you to focus on the quality that you wish you had, by focusing on a person that has that particular quality. This could be anyone that you look up to or admire. Meditation is a way to bring that particular quality into your life. This is a great way to learn something about yourself that you normally do not focus on. We often do not give a great deal of thought of why we admire certain people or the qualities they have.

Once you realize that you do not have to spend an hour meditating to gain some benefit, you really begin to thoroughly enjoy this program. Most of the meditations are under twenty-minutes and the benefit is truly amazing. Throughout your day, you begin to realize how you have become "present" in your life. Meditation also helps you to conquer negative thoughts and helps you to redirect your thoughts towards more positive thoughts. This is the greatest way in which you will impact your future and draw positive things into your life.

Again, I have to say it is completely free!! No hidden costs, no gimmicks, nothing! You have nothing to lose except ten to twenty minutes per day. You have everything to gain by learning the practice of meditation. You will begin to see a difference after the first week. You will feel much better and you will be able to manage any stress that you have in your life. Enjoy this free program!