Day 17!! I have said it many times before, I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!!! This free program is a fantastic way to master the art of practicing meditation. The really wonderful thing about this program is it addresses issues that we all deal with in our day to day lives. It really has a very practical aspect as well as spiritual.

Today's meditation is one that all people should listen to. This is a great tool for overcoming negative thoughts and complaining. It focuses on all the things out side of ourselves that we claim make us unhappy. This meditation is geared towards gaining control of your thoughts, your responsibility for your own happiness and a guide to stop "pointing fingers" and "placing blame". We all happily blame others for our unhappiness. Why would you give another human being that much control of your life?

This meditation will help you break that cycle of behavior and help you to develop gratitude for the things in your life that are going well. It also helps to get rid of all the limiting beliefs that we tend to hold on to. If you are stuck in your life, the meditation will help you focus on all the things that you can do and guide you to a more powerful and positive way of thinking. It will help you take control and stop blaming outside influences for your unhappiness.

Get in tune with the things that do make you happy and learn to be grateful for the things you have. Once you get to that point, all the little things in life just roll of your back. You gain so much control of how you react to the world around you, you are able to be the calm in the storm. That feeling alone lifts your spirit. This meditation will help you focus your mind, body and soul in a positive direction.

This program is a fantastic way to master and learn meditation. I have absolutely no vested interest in this program. I believe it is a great program and I love that it is completely free! This program has helped me tremendously and I have shared it with anyone that will listen.

Try this free program and make sure you set aside ten to twenty minutes each day for it and you will be on your way to changing the direction of your life to a more positive and happy life!!