Once you have gotten this far, to day 18, meditation is something you look forward to doing each day. You realize how beneficial meditation really is. You realize how much it can benefit your attitude towards yourself, others and life. You begin to realize that as you change on the inside, the world around you responds to that change. Once your attitude is more positive, you also begin to notice that you encounter more positive people in your day to day life. Even when it appears that something has gone wrong, you do not react in a negative way. Before you realize it, the thing that appeared to be going wrong, was actually the best thing that could have happened.

Let me give you a personal example. I moved into a new apartment and the carpet was awful and the ceiling was filthy. Well, the manager came and looked at the apartment and had maintenance immediately paint the ceiling. She refused to change the carpet and said she would have it cleaned again. I was not happy about that, but I remained calm and firmly believed everything would work out. That night I noticed something that looked like dried urine on the wall. I thought it may be cat urine. I called the office, the manager and maintenance came over and I showed them what I thought was urine. The manager told me the people before me did not have pets. I showed her the patio door, it looked like a cat used it as a scratching post. They both claimed that they could not smell urine, but to appease me, maintenance brought in a black light. He turned on the light and the entire area lit up with the cat urine!! They put in new carpet and carpet pad the next day! In addition, for my troubles I was given a covered parking space free of charge right in front of my apartment!! I have never been more grateful for cat urine!

Day 18 is a great way to break cycles of limiting behaviors, such as always looking at the negative side of any situation. This meditation draws your attention to this behavior and how to change it. If we believe everything is going wrong, why are we unable to believe that everything can go right? We are all directed towards negative beliefs and we need to direct our thoughts to more positive beliefs. This is how you change how you view life and then life becomes good!

This is a wonderful free program and my wish is that many of you will try it. Over 20,000 people have participated in this free program!