Day 19 is an awesome meditation that explains Chakras! Many people are familiar with the term, Chakra, but most people do not understand the importance of Chakras. This meditation explains them very well and the entire meditation is to become aware of each of your Chakras. This is truly a meditation that is packed with useful information. This is one of the best meditations in the program so far. It was a twenty minute meditation that was very powerful. This meditation guided you through the seven Chakras and the newsletter also contained a video on Chakras. This was a wonderful and well constructed lesson, one that you will want to include in your regular meditation routine.

This 21 Day Meditation Challenge has been an incredible journey through the art of meditation. This is a program that I can continue to use to develop my meditation practice. It has been very rewarding and I have not just seen a little change in my life. I have seen incredible changes and am very grateful to have stumbled on this program.

Over 20,000 people have participated! The wonderful news is that the Chopra Center is offering the 21 Day Meditation Challenge again in October! So do not miss out. Take this opportunity to register and participate in the October challenge. We all could use a little stress relief before the up coming holiday season! There are no fees at all! You do not have to use a credit card, debit card or PayPal. You never pay a single cent for this program. Nor do you receive a bunch of junk emails selling you anything. Do not pass up this opportunity to learn meditation for free.

Again, I have no vested interest in whether you choose this program or not. I am simply trying to pass on information on a wonderful program that has helped me and best of all it is FREE! There are no hidden gimmicks or costs. I know this is hard to believe, especially these days with all the tricky internet gimmicks. This program is absolutely 100 percent free. Try the challenge in October and I am sure you will love it. Also, be sure and pass the information on to your friends and family.