Classic Board Games (30057)There is nothing like playing some classic board games during a power outage with friends or family. These games are in more homes than you might think as many families are starting to have a game night to bond and have fun with each other. There are a lot of different types of these games available, but I find that the classics are always in demand. Whenever I go into a home and my eyes catch a stack of these treasures, part of me wants to suggest to my hosts that we play one. Board games not only make you use your intellect, but they also help increase your communication skills. They really should be played more often.

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1- The Game of Life (LIFE): The game is made by Milton Bradley (a division of Hasbro) and two to six players can participate. Age recommendation is for nine to adult. A game which lets you live your whole life from childhood, through college, and into retirement. Make choices that affect jobs, marriage, and children on your journey.

2- Candyland: This is a great game for young Classic Board Games (30055)children as it requires only basic counting skills. Two to four people can play and the game can be played quickly. Funny character names like Mr. Mint, King Kandy, Princess Lolly, and Gloppy the Chocolate Monster make this game very popular with younger children.

3- Clue (Cluedo): A deduction and reasoning board game in which Classic Board Games (30056)players try to figure out who killed the game's victim. They do this by gathering clues while strategically moving around the board. Three to six people can play and it is recommended for ages eight to adult. I remember the colorful names (Colonel Mustard, Mrs. Peacock, etc.) and the small miniature weapons in particular.

4- Monopoly: Created during the Great Depression as a way to pass the time, Monopoly quickly became one of the world's most popular board games.  Playing time can vary widely depending on the players. I've seen games go on for hours. People can set a time limit on play and whoever has the most money at that time wins. The purpose of the game is simple…control everything. Monopoly is the most played commercial game in the world. There are hundreds of special edition versions (Star Wars, etc.).

Classic Board Games (30058)
5- Scrabble: A word game where two to four people score points by coming up with words from individual lettered tiles. Scrabble enthusiasts can be quite passionate and arguments about acceptable words often break out.

6- Risk: A strategic board game by Parker Brothers for two to six Classic Board Games (30059)people. The object of the game is world domination. The board depicts a political map of the Earth grouped into six continents. Players have armies with which they try to capture territory.

Classic Board Games (30061)7- Chess: A two player game that has been around forever. Very competitive and strategic game. There is even a World Chess Federation. A classic that I, myself have never learned to play yet.

8- Checkers (Draughts): Another two person classic board game that everyone knows. A much simpler version of Chess, although strategy is also used. This is a game that I love to play.

Classic Board Games (30062)9- Backgammon: A very old game for two players. Pieces are moved by the roll of dice and players win by removing all their pieces from the board before their opponent does. Luck and strategy play roles in winning this game and like chess, backgammon has been studied by computer scientists.

10- Battleship: "You sank my battleship!" Classic game with a wonderful commercial. Basically a guessing game where each player arranges their ships and records hits or misses. What kid hasn't lied about whether a ship has been hit or not? Heh, heh…

Classic Board Games (30064)11- Trivial Pursuit: Two to six players (or teams) can play and is very popular at parties. People test their knowledge in popular culture, etc. Basically a game where you try to answer questions. A lot of fun, though.

Classic Board Games (30065)12- Mouse Trap: Made for two to four players. Players first create the mousetrap and then try to trap your opponent's game pieces. This is a great game for kids and I remember playing it with my brother when I was young.

13- Stratego: A great strategy game for two players where disinformation and discovery play a key role in winning. To win the game you must find and capture the opponent's flag or to capture most or all of opponent's pieces. Players can't see the rank of opponent's pieces as they are printed on one side only.

14- Axis and Allies: A popular World War II strategy game for two to five players. There were several spinoff games.

Classic Board Games (30066)15- Go (Weiqi, Baduk): A very old board game for two people with simple rules and rich in strategy. Originated in China thousands of years ago. To win the game you must control a larger portion of the board than your opponent.

16- Diplomacy: Played by two to seven people and can last hours. Classic Board Games (30067)Players control major European Powers around the beginning of World War I. A lot of time is spent forming and betraying alliances. The goal is to gain control of a majority of strategic locations on the board.

Classic Board Games (30068)17- The Settlers Of Catan: Players (usually three or four) are settlers that establish colonies and can build cities, roads, etc. The interesting thing about this game is that no one really gets eliminated. Players who are behind can set and reach goals to catch up. One of the first German style board games to achieve success outside of Europe.

18- Boggle: A word game in which players first shake a covered tray of cubic dice. Each side of the dice has a letter on it. After the dice have settled a three minute timer is started and each player searches for words. Points are assigned to each word. There is a classic episode on the cartoon "King of the Hill" where Peggy is in a Boggle tournament (hilarious episode).

Classic Board Games (30069)19- Jenga: Shaky hands need not apply here. Players take turns removing a block from a tower of blocks and balancing it on top. The tower grows more unstable with each turn. The game ends when the tower falls.

Classic Board Games
20- KerPlunk: This game is made up of a plastic tube, some plastic rods and marbles. Thenet. The marbles are then placed in the top of the tube. The tube is rotated depending on whose turn it is and each player takes turns removing a single rod. Once a player touches a rod they must remove it. The player who accumulates the fewest dropped marbles wins. For two people. I saw this game being played on the movie "The Man Who Knew Too Little" starring Bill Murray and fell in love with it.

21- Perfection: Players must put all pieces into the matching holes on a board before the allotted time runs out an all the pieces pop out. This is fun to play with kids.

These board games can provide endless hours of fun.  Whether you're hosting a party or simply looking for games to play on a rainy day, pick up a few and keep yourself entertained.

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