Apple's iPod Touch is certainly a marvel of technological craftsmanship, innovation and style. A impeccable piece of hardware that effortlessly creates the harmonic equity between consumer and technology. Thin, light and gorgeous high-polished beveled edges; a crystal clear 4-inch touch retina display, and the immaculate user interface make the iPod Touch an absolute must-have for our technological generation. Since the inception of the iPod Touch, consumers across the globe have been compiling vast amounts of techniques, tips and tricks, that are virtually unknown to the average user. Such tips allow the user to discover free games, transfer files between devices, save battery life, stop motion sickness and even create panoramic photos. In this article, you will learn about 12 of the most essential tips, tricks and techniques for the iPod Touch.

1. Stop Motion Sickness: Apple introduced iOS 7 on the iPod touch, which left several users feeling a little queasy. Turning off these swishy animations is straightforward. Simply open 'Settings', 'General', 'Accessibility', and set 'Reduce Motion' to off.

2. Access Gmail Push Notifications: Push notifications have recently been turned off for iOS7. Now, users will only be acknowledged of a new Gmail message every 15 minutes. Microsoft Exchange account users will also have this issue. Resolve this issue by downloading the Gmail app. Place Gmail in a folder for notifications. Then, only open the default mail app when an urgent email arrives.

3. Discover Free Games: Game developers cut game prices significantly during the promotion period. Innumerable games may even be found for free. Easily keep track of these games using the AppShoppersite. On the AppShopper site, set the filters to 'Games', 'Popular', 'Free', and 'Price Drops' to view the games that have been freshly reduced in price.

4. Transfer Between Devices: Apple's iOS7 allows 2 devices to transfer files using 'AirPlay'. Simply open the 'Control Center', tap 'AirPlay' and set to 'Everyone' or 'Friends Only'. In order to transfer files between 2 of your own devices, install the app Instashare. Instashare allows transfering via wireless network when the app is open.

5. Save Battery Life: Reduce the screen brightness bar to 50-60 percent. Turn off unneeded processes. Access 'Settings', 'General' and 'Background App Refresh'. Turn off Bluetooth and AirDrop. Turn 'push' to 'fetch'. Fetch will enable your device to check for emails every 15 minutes instead of constantly.

6. Disable In-app Purchases: Completely stop all in-app purchases by changing restrictions. Open 'Settings', 'General' and 'Restrictions'. Enter a 4-digit passcode. Lists of apps and features to disable will appear. Ensure to switch in-app purchases to 'off'.

7. Reeboot Your iPod Touch: Hold down the top power button. Swipe the red bar that appears. Once the device powers down, press the top power button down again to reboot.

8. Save Device Space Using iCloud: iCloud provides 5 GB of free storage space. Open 'Settings' and enable 'iCloud'. Turn off 'Photos' if you are using DropBox. Access 'Storage and Backup', and 'Manage Backup'. Ensure that only iOS7 devices that are in use are on backup. Check that unnecessary documents or apps are removed. On 'Backups', select the device you are using. Uncheck oversized apps, and do this on other devices as well.

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9. Take a Screenshot: Press the Lock and Home button together. The screenshot image will save to your camera roll. View the image in the Photos app.

10. Keep Apps Automatically Updated: Apple's iOS7 allows users to automatically update apps. Go into 'Settings', select 'iTunes App Store', and ensure that 'Updates' is checked. Select Books, Music and Apps to allow Media and Games bought on Mac or iOS7 to appear on the device.

11. Create a Panorama Photo: Open the Camera app and swipe left. Once the word 'Pano' turns yellow, press the shutter button and steadily move the device to the right. Press stop and the panorama is saved.

12. Force Quit an App: Terminating a game or app may be necessary when the application is using a vast amount of memory, and is slowing the device. Press the 'Home' button twice. Swipe the game or app to the top of the screen to terminate.