What Is A Life Hack?

Life Hacks are simple, do-it-yourself short cuts, tips or tricks to correct some of life's everyday little problems. Life Hacks many times save you money, time and headache, or maybe they just get you by in a pinch. Either way, here are 21 Life Hacks that you don't want to miss!

Life Hack #1

Fix a scratched CD or DVD

Have you ever popped a DVD in to watch a great movie only to find out half way through it won't continue to play because it has a scratch?

Scratched CD, Life HacksCredit: KJ



Easily fix your CD or DVD with just a couple of simple items you probably have right in your home now as you are reading this.




What you will need:

You will need a yellow highlighter marker, a clean, soft dry cloth, the damaged CD or DVD.

Fix a scratched DVD, Life HacksCredit: KJ






Locate the scratch on the CD or DVD. Take the yellow highlighter and scribble across the scratch, back and forth, make sure you cover it well.

fix a scratch on your CD or DVD, Life HacksCredit: KJ


Then quickly take the soft dry cloth and wipe off the excess highlighter ink, going across the scratch. Do not go lengthwise on the scratch when wiping off the excess as you will take the ink that is now down inside the scratch and we want to leave that there.



fixed scratch on CD or DVD, Life HacksCredit: KJ

 Let the disc dry for a minute or so, pop it back into the player and you're good to go.

Life Hack #2

Get cigarette smoke smell out of your car

If you are a smoker or live with someone who is, I don't have to tell you how hard it can be to get that smell out of your vehicle. But it doesn't have to be that hard, just think Apples. That's right, apples. Red Delicious AppleCredit: Red Delicious apple Photo by Brian Arthur

Pick up a bag of apples (it really doesn't matter which kind) at the store, take them home and cut them all in half.

Put them in bowls, flat side up and set them all around in your car overnight. Make sure you keep all your windows closed.


Sliced ApplesCredit: Wikimedia





The apples will absorb all the nasty cigarette smell in your car and leave you with a very pleasant apple smell!  



Life Hack #3

How to boil eggs perfectly every time

There you are, getting ready for that holiday dinner, you've boiled the eggs for your awesome deviled eggs that every one  adores, and you peel the first egg and cut it in half to find the yolk is still runny. You are not alone, but now you can boil your eggs and have perfectly cooked eggs every single time with this life hack.

Place the number of eggs you are going to boil in your saucepan or kettle. Next, fill with water, making sure you cover all the eggs. Set the pan on the stove and turn on the burner and leave it alone until it begins to boil. When the water begins to boil, turn off the burner and let it cool down naturally. This means do not remove the eggs from the pan until the water is room temperature.eggs in a panCredit: morguefile.com





This may take longer to boil eggs than if you were to cool them in ice water or let them boil longer, but it will assure perfect eggs every time.

perfectly boiled eggs, life hackCredit: morguefile


Once the eggs and water have cooled to lukewarm or room temperature, your eggs are good to go. Boiling your eggs in this way allows them to continue cooking on the inside as the pan and water around them cool down.


Life Hack #4

Never cry again while cutting an onion

Don't you just hate it when you're trying your best to cut an onion and not cry? Well, with this life hack, now you can.sliced or chopped onionsCredit: morguefile.com

Simply keep your mouth closed the entire time you are cutting an onion, from start to washing your hands afterwards. If you are cooking with family in the room, tell them you are cutting an onion and you won't be speaking for a few minutes. I do this as it never fails, someone will ask me a question, "where's the bread, where's the meatloaf pan, etc" and I will forget and open my mouth to answer and here come the tears. Once they've started, it's a done deal. So, keep your mouth shut, breathe through your nose and get those onions cut!

Life Hack #5

Quick and easy ice packs

Do you have a young athlete in the family? Or maybe just a few who are accident prone? If you have kids or athletes, then you need to know this life hack.

For quick and easy ice packs for those sprained ankles or twisted shoulders, take a bag of frozen vegetables out of the freezer and you have an instant ice pack.frozen vegetablesCredit: KJ

These actually work better than a lot of ice packs that you can buy in the pharmacy because they form to the area of the body you are applying them to. Switch them out often to keep your vegetables from thawing out.

Life Hack #6

Get rid of cockroaches

If you can't afford to pay for a professional exterminat0r or if you simply want to guard against getting any roaches to begin with, this life hack is for you.

Most pest exterminators use chemicals that contain Boric Acid to a certain extent. Boric Acid is the ingredient that kills the roaches. Boric Acid can be purchased at most big box stores such as Wal-Mart, Dollar General, etc. I buy mine at Dollar stores for a couple of dollars and get a pretty decent sized bottle of the powder.

The trick is to get the roaches where they live, and to put the Boric Acid down properly. A thin even layer is best, avoid putting down large thick amounts as the roaches will not want to walk through it and you will be defeating the purpose.

Remove all the switch plates and outlet covers. Squirt the powder back into the walls through these entry points. This is where a lot of roaches will find their way into your home.light switchCredit: KJ

I also put the powder down behind stoves, refrigerators and anywhere a roach might crawl. Roaches like to crawl along the walls at the baseboard once inside your home. They like to live in cracks and crevices and where it is damp and warm, and close to food. Your bathroom and your kitchen are their two favorite places.outletCredit: kj

Never put Boric Acid on counter tops or near or on any food preparation areas. 

*Always follow the directions on the label of pesticide products

Life Hack #7

Temporarily fix a broken zipper tab on your favorite jeans

You have on your favorite pair of jeans and all of a sudden, the tab breaks off. But there's hope. Check out this life hack to save the day.

If the slider tab has broken off of your zipper, you will need to key-ring, rings. If your zipper simply won't stay up, you will only need one.

To replace a broken zipper tab, make sure you have all the old one out of the head of the zipper. Then thread the ring through the head of the zipper so you can pull it up or down with the ring. Add the second ring to the first ring so they are entwined. Now when you pull the zipper up, you can loop the top ring over the button on your jeans to keep it in place.fix your zipper with a key ringCredit: KJ

If you simply are trying to keep a zipper up that does not seem to want to ccooperate, you can use one ring and slide it onto the zipper tab, zip up your jeans and loop this ring over the button to keep the zipper from creeping down.

Life Hack #8

Hide scratches on an LCD screen

There you have that big, beautiful flat screen TV in your living room, it was your pride and joy the day you brought it home. It's gone through a couple of moves and unfortunately, this last one took its toll on your screen. You have a scratch. A big old nasty scratch.

Don't panic, it can be patched up. For this life hack, all you need is a clean, dry cloth, and some petroleum jelly.

Make sure your TV screen is clean and dry, you can clean it with a soft cloth and water. Never use alcohol or products containing alcohol on a flat screen. The screen has a coating on it that can be dissolved with alcohol and you don't want to do that.

Daub the petroleum jelly into the scratch on the screen, wipe off any excess from the outside edges. Do not wipe off the jelly that is down inside the scratch. Turn your TV on and the scratch should now disappear. It will still be noticeable if the TV is turned off but you will no longer have that big unsightly line going across the screen when trying to watch your big beautiful flat screen TV!

Hide scratches on an LCD screen

Life Hack #9

Keep ants from coming in your door

We've all had them, those little pesky ants that try to come in our doors and windows. For a simple fix to keeping them out, try this life hack.

Take regular powdered cinnamon, and sprinkle a boundary between the ants and what ever entry point they are trying to come in. You will literally watch them scatter the other direction as ants do not like cinnamon!

cinnamonCredit: Morguefile.com


Life Hack #10

Remove white rings from wooden coffee table

Have you ever set a hot cup on a wooden coffee table without using a coaster only to find a nice white ring when you pick the cup up again? It happens a lot.rings on woodCredit: KJ

If the ring left on the table top is white, this means that it is moisture or condensation that got trapped under the finish from the heat of the object placed on it. If the rings are dark in color, the wood underneath has been damaged and this is much more difficult to correct.Q-tipsCredit: KJ







So if you have white rings on your wooden coffee table, you will need petroleum jelly, a few Q-tips and a soft cloth. Cover the white ring itself with petroleum jelly using a Q-tip. Let this sit overnight. When you come back in the morning, the white ring should have disappeared and you can now buff the area with the soft cloth. Polish as usual.

Life Hack #10

How to store wrapping paper

The holidays come and go in a whirl and each year, we are left with remnants of rolls of wrapping paper. I don’t know about you, but I pay good money for my wrapping paper and I’m not about to toss it out after the holidays, but how do you store it? If you roll them up tight and put a little piece of tape on the loose end to keep it together, next holiday, you will be looking and looking for that little piece of tape. Then when you find it, you have to sit there and pick and pick until you get it and of course I always end up tearing the paper, and it’s all just frustrating.

Not anymore. Save up some of the cardboard cylinders that your toilet paper comes on. Cut them down the middle lengthwise. 

TP Cardboard TubeCredit: KJ

No roll up your wrapping paper and slide one of these cardboards over the roll. Voila~ Instant wrapping paper holder! This will keep your paper together and nice and neat, perfect for when that next holiday rolls around.

wrapping paperCredit: kj

Life Hack #11

Set tiny screws invisibly

Have you ever had something with tiny screws that would not stay in? Eyeglasses or sunglasses maybe? Once you get the screw tightened back into the bow of the glasses, simply take some clear fingernail polish and paint it over the screw.repair eyeglassesCredit: kj

This will set up and is just enough to keep the screw from working it’s way back out yet it is invisible and can still be removed at a later date if needed. 

Life Hack #12

Keep Costume Jewelry From Turning Your Finger Green

So, you have this one favorite ring of all time. It is a costume piece but it is your favorite none the less. The problem is, it turns your finger green every time you wear it. Well now you can wear it without it turning your finger green. 

ringCredit: kj

Simply coat the inside of the ring  and the outside where it touches your other fingers with clear fingernail polish and let it dry. No more green finger!

Life Hack #13

How To Remember Which Side Your Gas Tank Is On

If you're one of those people who owns several different vehicles or maybe you drive rental cars a lot, this life hack is for you. 

Do you find yourself driving around and around the pump at the gas station because you can't remember which side the gas tank is on? Look on the dashboard at the gas gauge. There should be a little gas pump icon and it will have an arrow pointing to the left, or to the right. That will be where your gas tank is.

gas gauge leftCredit: KJ gas gauge rightCredit: KJ

Life Hack #14

How To Tell Which Side Your Upcoming Exit Is On

You're flying down the freeway through one of those big cities (downtown Atlanta comes to mind for me)  and there are 6 lanes and cars flying by you on every side, you're looking for that upcoming exit and you surely don't want to miss it because you're on the wrong side of the freeway, so how do you know which side your exit is going to be on?

On the top of the big green exit sign, there is a small sign attached with the exit number, it will either be attached to the top left or the top right of the exit sign. If it's on the left, your exit will be on the left, if it 's on the right, of course your exit will be on the right.

exit left signCredit: kj exit rightCredit: KJ exit right 1Credit: KJ

Life Hack #15

Travel light and make room for souvenirs

luggageCredit: morguefile.com

Every time we take a vacation, there is always the dilemma on what to pack, trying to narrow it down so everything will fit. Here is a life hack that will give you more room and aid you in sorting through some of those items that you just don't really need anymore!

When packing for a trip, pack all of your oldest, most worn out undies. That's right. Pack the old ones, and as you wear them, throw them away. Not only does this help you sort and get rid of a few old, outdated items, it will leave you more room in your travel bags for souvenirs on the return trip home!

Life Hack #16

Fix smudged nail polish easily

You just spent the last half hour polishing your nails and you are being so careful not to bump into anything and Wham! There it is. A smudge. But wait, you don't have to start over and do the nail over. This life hack will tell you how to fix that nail in a jiffy.

Put a bit of polish remover in the cap of the bottle, or a very shallow dish. You don't need much. Dip the pad of your other finger in the remover and barely touching the surface of the smudged nail, dab in the area of the smudge. You will see the polish begin to fill in where the smudge was. That's it, good as new!

Life Hack #18

Easily remove itchy fiberglass particles from your skin

Fiberglass is fiber made from very fine strands of glass. It is used in home insulation, boat building, and many other products. Usually the average person will come in contact with fiberglass particles if they are involved in a do-it-yourself insulation project.fiberglass insulationCredit: morguefile.com

Naturally you should wear protective eye-wear as well as gloves but what about the parts of your skin that you can't cover? Your wrists, neck, face, are all vulnerable to fiberglass particles.

People will find that if you simply try to brush the fiberglass off, this does not work as the tiny glass slivers just embed into your skin. 

To remove the fiberglass particles from your skin, take a nylon stocking and put it over one hand, and lightly slide the stocking up or over the area you want to clean. The nylon stocking will pick up all those tiny particles instead of pushing them into your skin.

Life Hack #20

Keep critters out of the garbage

Try this life hack if you are having problems keeping critters out of the garbage.racoon in garbageCredit: morguefile.com

Save up a few empty coffee cans. When you have food items that are garbage and you know will begin to smell, put them in the old coffee cans and stick them in the freezer. I keep one old coffee can in there at all times. It may contain my leftover cooking oil, or scraps from the plates. When the can if full and it is frozen, I then set it out with my garbage. Because the food stuff inside is frozen, the neighborhood cats, or racoon do not smell it and they leave it alone.  The garbage truck picks it up before it has a chance to thaw. This also keeps my two dogs out of the trash can.

Life Hack #19

Easily keep track of your work schedule

If you work and you have a schedule that changes periodically, here is a simple way to keep track of it. 

If you own a mobile phone that has a camera, take a snapshot of your schedule as soon as it is posted. You will then have your schedule with you at all times.

schedulesmartphoneCredit: copperpipe/photodune

Life Hack #20

Easily clean up spilled wax on hard surfaces

We’ve all done it, no matter how careful we are, at some point or another we have spilled hot candle wax on the floor, a counter, or maybe even splattered it down a wall. So how do you get that oily mess cleaned up?candleCredit: Willie's Wax Works, Chicago, IL

Easy peasy. Go to your freezer and pull out a bag of frozen vegetables. Peas, corn or mixed veggies works best (something with small pieces in it). Put the bag of frozen vegetables on the wax that you want to clean up. Let it sit until it is good and ice-cold, probably about 10 minutes. Remove the bag, and now you should be able to pick the pieces up off of the surface with no problem.