Finding 22 inch chrome rims for sale is a great way to update the look of a car without spending a ton of cash. Many retailers offer 22 inch wheels for sale, giving consumers adequate opportunities to comparison shop before purchasing. Whether drivers decide to shop online or at retail stores, the available choice of chrome rims makes it possible to update a car’s look with wheels that are elegant or flashy.

Discount Tire or America’s Tire

This tire and rim selling chain of stores is an independent retailer that’s been in business since 1960. In all of those years, this retailer has learned a great deal about customer service and which products represent an outstanding value. While these stores are not located in all 50 states, there are enough of them to make their locations convenient to almost everyone. People who do not live in states where a Discount Tire or America’s Tire is located should realize that this retailer typically does not ship its wares. Instead, website users browse by make and model of car, then select a zip code to find out which tires and rims are available at a convenient retail location. It is possible to purchase rims online, but the purchaser must then visit the selected retail location for pick up and installation.

These stores feature many premium rim brands like TSW, MB Wheels and Liquid Metal. The “See it on your car” function allows users to enter the make, model and color of their car. Then, it’s possible to browse various brands of rims. Users select a brand and then a specific rim to see how it will look on the car. If the perfect wheels are found, then users may choose the “Purchase Details” button to begin the transaction process. With competitive pricing and many locations, this retailer is a great choice for many drivers who are looking for new rims.

Tire Factory

Tire Factory is also a reliable retailer that specializes in selling tires and wheels. This retailer has been in operation since 1984 and boasts some 200 locations spread across 14 states. The website offers a state of the art Next Wheels Online application that lets users view their specific car with a wide variety of new rims. After finding the correct size and finish, the user may request a quote from one of the retail locations, find a store or decide on more tire options. This particular retailer does not sell their products online, so it helps to live close to one of the stores.

Sears Automotive Center

With a history dating back more than 100 years, the Sears department store is a trusted name for everything from home furnishings to tires and rims. Sears Automotive Centers are located around the country, making this retailer a convenient choice for many drivers. They offer a broad range of chrome rim styles from major manufacturers like SSC, Procomp, Wheel Pro and Powerslot. Most selections can be shipped directly from the website, and free shipping is frequently provided. Alternatively, customers may browse by zip code to determine which products are available at a local retail store. As a retail business that has been in operation for several decades, Sears is a reliable choice for service, quality and value.

Tire Rack

The Tire Rack website has built a solid reputation since it was first established in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1979. Initially, Tire Rack was operating only retail stores, but in 1996 their website went live. The rest is history, as Tire Rack has become one of the most reputable and prolific tire and rim retailers on the Internet. Not only is this website a great place to purchase new tires and rims, but it is also a great place to research which brands are best.

Tire Rack users can browse the Upgrade Garage to try different rim models on their specific vehicle before making a purchase. The Online Catalog makes it easy to look for wheel manufacturers and to filter for a chrome finish. Additionally, comprehensive reviews and articles are available to make purchase decisions easier. Tire Rack also provides recommendations to users for local rim installers that are reputable and offer good customer service.

Chrome Rim Shop

This website specializes in selling nothing but chrome wheels. Accordingly, they boast a huge selection of some of the most recognizable brand names in rims. Akuza, Panther, Martin Bros, Velocity, Dick Cepek and many others are all represented here. This website provides financing for qualified customers and ships direct to the buyer.

Discounted Wheel Warehouse

At the Discounted Wheel Warehouse website, users will find wheels by Incubus, MKW, BZO, Platinum and more. This website also provides financing on tires and rims, and many 22 inch rims are offered for sale here. All wheels being shipped in the continental United States ship for free, and most products sold at this website feature a manufacturer warranty of around two years. This company is especially committed to offering low prices, so they are often an economical choice.

Big Brand Wheels

The Big Brand Wheels website features many of the most well-known manufacturer models in the business. Their website is streamlined and easy to browse. At this website, it’s possible to browse by size and finish, making it simple to find chrome wheels that are 22 inches in diameter. Big Brand Wheels is family owned and managed. They take pride in offering outstanding customer service that focuses on providing quality products at competitive pricing. They’ve been in business for more than 15 years, so they are familiar with the market and with the products they sell.

Finding 22 inch chrome rims for sale makes upgrading a car’s look a quick and easy project. Chrome adds shine and flash to any vehicle. These wheels provide a huge amount of style without necessarily costing a fortune. Chrome wheels are durable in all weather conditions and may be suitable for almost any type of vehicle. With a wide variety of retailers offering wheels for sale online and in stores, it’s possible for consumers to comparison shop to find just the right style of wheels for their car. The variety of retailers also makes it simple to get the best possible deal. Many retailers will match the prices of their competition; so a little comparison-shopping truly can save drivers a lot of money.