Follow these tips to avoid getting in trouble

1- Sleep: pretty obvious.

2- Play tic-tac-toe: in fact, you should not do it anytime, unless you are four years old.

3- Pick your nose: that’s what your car is for, every time you stop at a red light, as if nobody could see through glass!!

4- Carry weapons: you may feel tempted to use them…

5- Drink wine: that is, unless you are a priest and it’s the middle of the mass

6- Wear sunglasses: everybody will know you are sleeping (refer to #1).

7- Play Sudoku: come on! That’s as hard as working!

8- Punch a co-worker: that’s what weapons are for (I know, I know… #4).

9- Telling the truth when someone asks you “Hey! How are you?”: nobody cares. The question does not mean they want to know how you are. It just means they want to hear the words “Fine, and you”. It’s a protocol and you must follow it. Just remember any time you say those words, do YOU really care?

10- Telling anyone where your hidden sleeping spot is: next time you go for a “power nap” it will be occupied.

11- Take your shoes off: odor alert! Odor alert!

12- Watch the sunset: you should be heading home already.

13- Write an article on things you should not do at work: I already did (not at work boss!).

14- Lend money from a co-worker: he/she will know where you work and how to find you. You will not get away with it and will have to return the money.

15- Watch a movie on your iPhone: don’t you have a much bigger computer monitor right in front of you?

16- Read online articles: unless it’s this one, which is considered web based learning.

17- Write online articles: I don’t like competition.

18- Daydream: go to your hidden spot, which you did not reveal (see #10) and just dream.

19- Sing: let’s face it: you are not American Idol material.

20- Play online poker: you will lose all your hard-earned money. Well… your money.

21- Bring your child: newsflash: your office is no Disneyworld.

22- Say bad things about your boss: no need to risk your job, you can just think them. Or write them on the bathroom wall.

23- Work: that is, if you can get along with it, wouldn’t you love not to work when at work, and not getting fired?