A Look at 23 and Me

23andme presents a fascinating, and immediately appealing proposition. By paying a nominal fee and providing the company with a small amount of saliva you will gain access to a thorough breakdown of your own personal genetic coding. This information can be used for a variety of purposes. Some of them, such as mapping out your ancestry, don’t appear immediately actionable but are very intriguing nonetheless. Other information provided by 23andme, namely learning about your health markers and your genetic predisposition for various conditions, is immediately actionable and can provide a blueprint for living a healthier, happier life.

But is the 23andme test really worth buying?  Are the fascinating elements of 23andme really interesting enough to shell out money to discover, and are the actionable elements offered really useful enough to justify their price tag, even when there’s a discount?

Read on and find the answer to these questions within this review of 23 and Me.

First Things First, Getting Specific

Let’s get this out of the way right now - yes, lots of people have used this service and lots of people considered it extremely worthwhile. 23andme provides data that is extremely and immediately useful for a large number of people, and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who has signed up for their service that ultimately regretted making this decision.

That being said, 23andme’s testing service probably isn’t for everyone. So instead of trying to answer, objectively, whether this service is “worth it,” this 23andme review will try and help you personally answer whether you’re the kind of person who will benefit from genetic testing or not.

Getting Educated

Even though they work with a very specific branch of science, and even though it would be very easy for 23andme to hide their rationales behind deep, difficult scientific jargon, this company tries to lay out everything they have to offer in as simple a manner as possible.

The importance of this philosophy can’t be overstated. Rather than trying to sell their product by confusing their potential clients, 23andme attempts to educate and make sure people only sign up for their services from a fully informed perspective. This, right off the bat, provides the company with a lot of credibility and makes them appear much more legitimate than some of their competitors.

Making a tricky subject transparent isn’t easy, but 23andme’s educational resources do just that, so If you’re the kind of person who hates being emotionally manipulated into a buying decision you will appreciate the upfront nature of this company.


One factor worth paying attention to and worth noting in this review is the fact 23andme has been endorsed by a number of prominent scientists and theorists. For example, Aubrey de Grey and Terry Grossman have both stated clearly that they feel 23andme is one of the few worthwhile personal genetics testing programs available on the market today. These writers and scientists are very well informed on the subject of testing and tracing genetic markers, they are aware of every mapping product on the market, and they hold a very high standard for what they recommend. As such, their endorsements of 23andme should be taken very seriously and with high regard.

The Process Itself- Simplicity Defined

Part of the reason such prominent thinkers have endorsed 23andme, and part of the reason thi 23andme review is so positive, is the fact the product itself is incredibly simple and easy to use. The market is crowding with a growing number of companies offering genetic testing, but many of them are overly complicated or require taking genetic materials not everyone is comfortable giving. For example, there are plenty of genetic testing products that require giving some of your blood. Even though many of these products only require enduring a small pinprick, many people are simply unwilling to undergo that level of discomfort for a service they feel ambiguous about in the first place.

That’s why 23andme’s saliva-based collection process is so welcome. The process for having your genetics mapped is very simple:

  1. Order the 23andme testing kit. The kit will be delivered right to your door.
  2. Register your kit, then spit into the small tube, filling it up.
  3. Send the tube back, and they will analyze your DNA within 6-8 weeks.
  4. Login to your account and take a look at your personal genome.

Simple, painless, and fast. There are few genetic testing products on the market that offer the level of convenience given by 23andme.

23andme Limitations

It’s important to note in any honest 23andme review that the service doesn’t offer a full mapping of your genome. Your genome is composed of about 3 billion base pairs of genomes. 23andme and only maps out and tests about 1 million of those base pairs of genomes. This is a very small percentage of your total genetic makeup, so if you’re interested in a program that will provide a maximally thorough breakdown of your genetic standing, you need to look elsewhere.

That being said, the 1 million base pairs analyzed by 23andme are considered the most important and the most actionable within your entire genetic coding. 23andme carefully selected what they do and don’t test for to make the test as affordable and as actionable as possible.

If you want a full breakdown of your genetic profile you will need to pay thousands and thousands of dollars in testing. 23andme is much cheaper and much faster than those extremely comprehensive tests, and within 23andme’s testing protocols you’ll gain more than enough information to properly inform your future actions and to provide a good understanding of your biological makeup.

So, Is 23andme Right for Me?

This is a highly personal question, but they do seem to offer a great service that will meet the needs of most people interested in genetic mapping. You will gain access to a lot of valuable information, you will use a test that’s been vetted and approved by many of the self-tracking field’s most prominent figureheads, you will be able to map out your genetic coding in a simple and fast manner, and you will be able to do so at a very affordable price. For most people, 23andme offers a truly worthwhile service.