Loro Piana Sale including hats, coats, trousers, scarves, capes, gloves and much more!

Finding a Loro Piana sale has proved almost impossible for me and my friends. We are such big fans of the Italian company that we are willing to travel across the country if it meant we could indulge in Loro Piana wear for lower prices. However, time after time we would search and find places that said they had a sale only to find they probably didn't even stock Loro Piana and it was just a trick to get us in the store. As a result we have always just been buying our Loro Piana direct from expensive boutiques. It's a pricey label but one that is well worth the price in our eyes!

That was until we found out there was a 24hr Loro Piana sale on Amazon that could go to anytime we wanted! Even at 3am I could go online and buy the latest Loro Piana!

I still remember the day I discovered this as it was very close to Christmas and the weather was getting colder and I had a Loro Piana Cashmere coat that I had my eye on. I looked around online via search engines and the prices were actually more online then my local boutique. Therefore I just decided to grab my card and set out the next morning to buy my coat.

I was really excited and it truly is a beautiful cashmere coat! I was on top of the world and felt like royalty as I drove home in it and tried it on again in the mirror once I got home. I showed it to all my friends and they loved it too. I thought that was that but later that day I was browsing online to buy some video games from Amazon for the kids and it hit me that Amazon were selling a wide range of items these days. I began finding various nice designer shoes and before long I was on a shopping spree!

Just before I was about to pay for the items I cheekily typed in "Loro Piana" and low and behold the item that came up top of the search was the same coat I had just bought earlier in the day. Only it had at least $1000 less on its price tag! There was only one left in stock so I quickly clicked order and was half expecting it to be some sort of mistake.

It wasn't and the coat came the very next day!

As you can imagine I went back to the boutique and got a full refund and had an extra $1000 to play with that went on some nice shoes!

So I am letting everyone know that if you want a Loro Piana sale you are only a click away from finding one on Amazon. Be quick as these items are so exclusive!

Loro Piana Sale